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Episode begins with Avinash tells Siya that he never saw a murder cover-up like this. Siya asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that media is not there so she need not to act. She asks him that whether her emotions are acting for him. He tells her that he will remind her how her family killed Raghav and how they proved that Raghav died in an accident. He says that Siya’s family killed Raghav in his house and destroyed Raghav’s jacket and made him believed that they destroyed Raghav’s dead body. And says that Siya acted like Raghav is alive.

She tells him that he saw Raghav’s DNA test results. He tells her that he should have done gender test too. He says that later he got to know that Raghav’s mother has a daughter too. And says that he know Raghav’s sister pretended like Raghav in the hospital. He adds that he wanted to do DNA test again but sample was missing from the laboratory. She gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that many people helped Siya like doctor, reporter and driver. He says that final act was Viraj fighting with him unnecessarily and making him shoot oxygen cylinder. And says that media thought Raghav died in explosion and case has been closed.

She tells him that he should be writer because his story is good. She says that Avinash don’t have any proof to his claims. He tells her that he don’t have proof because she destroyed all the proofs. He says that Siya is criminal and she took many people’s help to cover-up her crime. And says that he will get witness instead of proof. He adds that his story will become hit once he gets witness. He tells her that he want to get his reputation which she snatched it from him.

Later, Viraj tells Siya that she has to handle Raghav’s business. Siya tells him that she don’t want all this. He tells her that she is solo owner of all this. He says that he is ready to help her. She tells him that she can handle the business and she know he is there to help her. She says that she don’t want the things which is related to Raghav. She adds that Raghav used this business against her so she don’t want it.

Dadi reads blackmailer’s letter. She thinks that someone know the truth and she decides to hide it from Siya. She says that she don’t have money and blackmailer must be greedy. She wonders what she should do.

After some time, Security guard calls Dadi and demands money. Dadi refuses to give money and disconnects the call. Khushi and Dadi goes to open the door. Siya and Viraj searches Khushi and Dadi. Siya finds Khushi in the cupboard. Khushi tells Siya that few people kidnapped Dadi. Siya finds blackmailer’s letter.

Episode ends.

Precap  РKhushi falls from the stairs.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 6th December 2023 Written Update: Dadi gets blackmailed