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Episode begins with Viraj asks Security guard that where the latter went. Security guard tells him that he went to bathroom. Viraj scolds him and tries to beat him up. Raghav’s mother tells him to leave Security guard because kidnappers would have beat Security guard and kidnapped Dadi if Security guard was present there then. Security guard wonders that who kidnapped Dadi and who will give money to him. Siya reads blackmailer’s letter. She says that someone was blackmailing Dadi and Dadi refused to give money that’s why she had been kidnapped. Raghav’s mother asks who blackmailed Dadi. Security guard gets confused.

Risha says that they can’t involve police because Avinash will question them. Viraj says that he has a solution. Siya says that nothing should happen to Dadi. He promises to her that nothing will happen to Dadi. After some time, Siya blames herself for Dadi’s kidnap. She tells herself that nothing should happen to Dadi. Khushi comes there and shows her drawing. Siya asks Khushi that why the latter is crying.

Khushi tells her that she know this is bad timing to ask this. She says that she will pray for Dadi. Siya tells her that nothing will happen to Dadi. Khushi asks her that what the latter thought about marrying Viraj. Siya tells her that they should find Dadi first and they can talk about marriage later. She says that she did not talk about marriage to Viraj. Khushi tells her that she gave them time to talk. She says that even Raghav is not alive.

Siya tells her that it’s not the right time to talk about it. She says that they will talk later. But Khushi asks her about her decision. So Siya yells at Khushi and asks her to stop it. Khushi tells her that she hate her. She says that she don’t want to talk to Siya. She gets panicked and runs from there. Siya chases her. Khushi falls from the stairs.

On the other hand, Dadi wakes up and gets shocked seeing Avinash in front of her. Avinash plays recording of blackmailer’s call. Dadi acts like she is clueless. Avinash decides to not tell about it to Nupur.

Unniyal tells Nurpur about Dadi’s help. Nurpur says that she will help them to find Dadi. Viraj talks to unconscious Khushi. He tells her that nothing will happen to her. Siya comes there. Viraj blames her for Khushi’s condition. Doctor tells Viraj and Siya that Khushi has internal injury. He tells them to keep Khushi happy and that will reduce consequences of injury. Siya recalls that how Khushi fell down.

Dadi refuses to eat anything and does yoga. Avinash tells Dadi to go home. He asks her to send Rashmi and Tushar for interrogation. She scolds him. He tells her that she should be ashamed of herself. He gives last chance to her to tell the truth.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Siya tells Viraj that how can they keep Khushi happy. Raghav’s mother tells them to lie to Khushi that they got married.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th December 2023 Written Update: Siya finds blackmailer’s letter