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In the Star Bharat show Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, Unniyal will confess his crimes. Will Unniyal get punishment? To learn more check out below.

In the current track, Siya reveals that she recorded Unniyal’s confession so she heard Rashmi’s name. She asks Rashmi that how can the latter support Viraj who killed Rajendra. Rashmi tells her that Viraj did not kill Rajendra and faints. Siya receives Khushi’s call and learns that Unniyal’s men chasing Khushi.

Other side, Unniyal goes to Nupur and tells her everything. He says that he wanted to stop Viraj from going to jail because he is Viraj’s loyal servant. He asks her to help him to find Khushi. She agrees to help him. Later, Khushi hides from Unniyal’s men. Police arrests Unniyal’s men. Nupur assures Khushi that the latter is fine. She tells Unniyal that he can’t escape from law. Unniyal apologizes to Khushi. He says that he know he did wrong.

Tushar tells everything to his family. Sushma gets worried about Rashmi. He tells her that Siya gave antidote to Rashmi so Rashmi will wake up soon.

In the upcoming episode, Unniyal will confess that he killed Risha. Risha’s mother will be shocked after hearing this. Siya will ask Unniyal to imagine how Viraj will react after learning the truth. Viraj will ask her that if she think he don’t know about it.

Will Viraj punish Unniyal ?

How Viraj know Unniyal’s truth?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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