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Episode begins with, in the kitchen, Viraj tells himself that cooking is best stress buster. He says that he got to know about Mehek’s motive because of Khushi and he cook for Khushi. He adds that he has to find out who is behind Mehek. He thinks that he is glad Mehek died else he would have killed her. He searches Khushi in the house. He wonders where Khushi left. He asks Siya that whether she saw Khushi. Siya shook her head. Dadi says that she thought Khushi is sleeping. Everyone searches Khushi. Dadi hope that Khushi is not in danger. Viraj scolds her and tells her to think positively.

Khushi enters the house and says that she went to temple. Viraj tells her that she should have take Tushar with her. She tells him that she is not kid. He asks her that what she asked from God. She tells him to fulfill her wish. He tells her that he will fulfill her wish if he can then. She asks him to fill Siya’s forehead with vermilion. He asks her that if she became mad.

Dadi tells Khushi that marriage happens in auspicious time. She says that these kind of marriages happen in films only. Siya tells Khushi that they will get married after 3 months. Khushi tells her that even court marriage happens. She gives vermilion to Viraj. Viraj pushes the plate. She tells him that she knew he was lying. He tells her that

Siya tells Viraj Khushi is kid. Viraj tells her that Khushi is tricking them. He says that Khushi has to understand that this is real life not reel life. She tells him to understand Khushi’s mental health. He blames her upbringing. She tells him that he don’t know how to deal with kids. Khushi loses her consciousness. Viraj takes Khushi inside. He tells Siya’s family to leave the house.

Sushma, Dadi and Tushar reaches their house. Sushma is worried about Siya. She wonders how Siya will handle Viraj.

Siya tells Viraj that they should handle Khushi together. She enters the room but no one is there. She notices the file which she saw in Unniyal’s hand. She opens the file and wonders that why Viraj has her father’s photo. She misunderstands that Viraj killed her father. She asks Viraj that why he did this with her. She decides to talk to Viraj. Unniyal smiles seeing this in CCTV camera. He says that he kept that file there deliberately. He adds that Viraj won’t learn he is Viraj’s enemy.

Later, police inspector reaches Raghav’s house to arrest Risha. Risha asks what she did. Lady constable arrests Risha. Police inspector says that they arrested Risha in drug case.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Siya decides to publish her father’s killer.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 19th December 2023 Written Update: Mehek demises