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Episode begins with police inspector thinks that he will die because of Viraj. Viraj calls someone and Siya’s father picks the call. He tells him that he won’t leave him. Siya’s father gets confused hearing this and scolds Viraj. Viraj tells police inspector that they are going to Agra.

Siya wakes up and learns that her family left. Raghav tells Siya that he never said she can have lunch with her family. He asks her that if he is not enough for her. He tells her that she is enough for him but her heart is like public place. He scolds her for loving her family. He reminds her that third person can’t come in between them. She tells him that they are her family. He tells her that he is her husband and after marriage she should have forgetten her family. He says that he truly love Siya and he is 100% devoted towards her. She tells him that he misunderstood her. He tells her that she don’t understand him and his pain.

Dadi recalls that how Siya’s mother said Siya did wrong by sleeping at afternoon. She also recalls that how Rashmi showed photos and videos of Raghav and Siya to Dadi. Rashmi says that Siya is happy with Raghav. Dadi tells her that photos and videos can lie.

Raghav dances with Siya on broken glass pieces. He asks her to say she won’t let anyone come in between them. She promises to not let anyone come in between them. She says that she will give importance to their privacy on his behest.

Dadi brings Tushar to Raghav’s house at midnight. Tushar asks her that what are they doing there. Raghav treats Siya’s leg injuries. He feels bad that she is injured. He asks her that why she is forcing him to punish her. He beat himself with belt. Siya asks him to stop it. They hears door bell sound. They notices Dadi.

In the past

Siya’s mother asks Dadi that why the latter is not happy with Siya’s marriage. Dadi asks her that why they are not thinking that why rich businessman want to marry Siya. Siya’s mother tells her that Raghav is good man and he will keep Siya happy. Raghav sees all this. He says that he won’t spare Dadi if she tried to become villain in his love story then.

In the present

Dadi fights with Security guard. Raghav asks Siya that how long he has to prove his innocence. He says that Dadi won’t return alive if she entered the house then. He orders her to send Dadi from there. Siya goes out. Dadi asks Siya that if anything is bothering her. On the other hand, Viraj kidnaps a owner of telecom company director. He asks him to tell the owner of phone number.

Episode ends.

Precap – Siya scolds Dadi.

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