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Episode begins with Rashmi and Unniyal kidnaps Khushi. Khushi asks them to leave her. She threatens them saying that Viraj won’t leave them. Rashmi orders Khushi to keep quiet. Khushi asks Unniyal that how can he do this with her. Unniyal apologizes to Khushi. Rashmi asks Unniyal to give her antidote. Unniyal tells her that there is antidote in Viraj’s house. He says that he is telling the truth because he is in truth serum affect still.

Rashmi wonders how can she go to Viraj’s house. She asks Unniyal that whether he told Siya about her. Unniyal tells her that he took her name but Siya would not have heard it. Rashmi says that she has to take risk for antidote. She tells her friend to take care of Khushi. She leaves from there to get antidote.

Other side, Tushar asks ladies about Khushi. Dadi tells him that Khushi did not return home. He reveals that Unniyal kidnapped Khushi. Sushma says that Unniyal would not have kidnapped Khushi because he knew Viraj will kill him. Tushar says that Unniyal really kidnapped. Ladies starts searching Khushi. Sushma calls Rashmi to tell about Khushi’s kidnap.

Siya calls Tushar but no response from other side. Rashmi comes there and tells Siya that Sushma informed her about Khushi’s kidnap. Siya tells Khushi to search outside the house. Khushi tells her that she will search inside the house because she is avoiding sun rays today. Siya leaves from there. Rashmi wonders that where is antidote. She searches antidote in the house. Siya returns and shows the antidote to Rashmi. She asks Rashmi that if the latter is searching this antidote. Dadi worries about Khushi and she shares about her worry to Sushma. They searches Khushi.

Meanwhile, Raghav’s mother calls Tushar and tells him that Khushi is not there. Tushar asks her to stay there and disconnects the call. Raghav’s mother hallucinates Risha. She asks Risha that what the latter is doing there when she had been died. Risha tells her that the latter is right. She says that everyone will die from that house. Raghav’s mother asks her to not say like that. Risha tells her mother that the latter know that this house is unlucky. She lists out the deaths which happened in the house. Raghav’s mother asks Risha to not say like that. Risha says that everyone will die and laughs. Raghav’s mother faints.

Rashmi’s friend wonders why Rashmi did not return yet. Unniyal hope that Rashmi don’t get caught by Siya. They gets into argument. Khushi escapes from there using that chance. Unniyal notices that Khushi had been escaped. He beat Rashmi’s friend up. He says that everything is over if Khushi exposed him then. He goes to find Khushi.

Raghav’s mother regains her consciousness. Tushar asks her that whether she is fine. She tells him that house is cursed one so everyone will die. He assures her that nothing like that will happen.

Episode ends.

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