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Episode begins with Siya tells Rashmi that she is not fool to believe the latter. She says that she could not hear the name which Unniyal took. And she that smoke bomb ruined everything before she learns the truth from Unniyal. She reveals that she put recorder to record Unniyal’s confession. She informs her that how she heard the latter’s name in the recording.

In the past, Tushar also hears the recording. He tells Siya that Rashmi did not know they hided truck driver in their home. Siya tells him that Rashmi know. She recalls that how Rashmi came out of the washroom when she talked to Tushar about truck driver.

In the present, Siya tells Rashmi that she don’t want to know how the latter did all this. She asks Rashmi to say why the latter did this. She scolds Rashmi for helping Rajendra’s murderer. Rashmi tells Siya that Viraj did not kill Rajendra and she faints.

On the other hand, Unniyal goes to Nupur. Nupur asks him that what happened. He tells her that he made a mistake. He says that he did everything for Viraj. He reveals everything which he did to stop Siya and Viraj’s marriage. He informs her that he made Siya believe Viraj murdered Rajendra.

Siya asks Rashmi to wake up. Khushi calls Siya and asks her to save her from Unniyal’s men. Siya gets worried when call gets disconnected.

Unniyal tells Nupur that Rashmi and her bf know everything. He says that he will die if Viraj got to know all this then. He reveals about truth serum and poison. Nupur asks him that where is Khushi now. He tells her that he don’t know. He says that he just tried to stop Siya and Viraj’s marriage. She asks him to calm down. She agrees to help him to find Khushi.

Unniyal’s men searches Khushi. Khushi hides from them. Nupur comes there and hugs Khushi. She assures Khushi that the latter is fine. Khushi asks Nupur that how the latter will take her to home. Unniyal comes there. Khushi hides behind Nupur. Nupur tells Unniyal that she can’t forgive him because he committed many sins. She reveals that she told everything to Siya. He tells her that he did not ran away because he know he did wrong. He apologizes to Khushi. He says that Khushi is important person for him because she is Viraj’s daughter.

Sushma asks Tushar that what happened to Rashmi. Tushar tells her everything. He reveals that Unniyal gave slow poison to Rashmi. He says that Siya gave antidote to Rashmi so Rashmi will wake up soon. He adds that Siya went to save Khushi. Dadi prays to God for Khushi and Siya.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Unniyal confesses that he killed Risha. Siya asks him to imagine how Viraj will react after learning the truth.

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