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Episode begins with Viraj talks to his toy. He asks toy that won’t she hug him when she saw him. Police inspector thinks that someone should ask about his feelings too. And it looks like he is watching action, horror films together. He taunts Viraj in his mind. Viraj asks him that if he ever behaved like mad. He says that he does what his heart tells him to do. He decides to punish him. He learns that phone number is registered on Rajender Sharma. One of the guy says that Rajender Sharma is Raghav’s father in law. Viraj says that he hate that name and he don’t trust Raghav name people. And says he won’t do anything until this Raghav comes in his path.

On the other hand, Raghav learns about Siya’s parents arrival. He tells Siya that he will deal with her parents. He asks her to take rest and leaves from there.

Raghav greets Siya’s parents. Siya’s parents apologizes to Raghav on behalf of Dadi. Raghav tells them that he don’t know what happened yesterday. He says that it looks like Dadi came yesterday night. He tells them that Dadi can meet Siya anytime. He asks them to send Dadi home on Friday to spend time with Siya. Siya’s mother asks him about Siya. He lies to her that Siya went to market. They leaves from there. Siya overhears everything.

Siya’s mother tells Dadi to not do anything which could affect Siya’s happiness. Dadi tells herself that she don’t know what game Raghav is playing but this is best chance to learn the truth of Siya’s marriage.

Raghav fixes camera in the hall. Siya asks him that what’s the need of it. He tells her that she is really innocent. He says that he can’t trust Dadi so it’s precaution. He tells her that Dadi is enemy of their love and they should not let Dadi win. He says that they should prove no one can win them. He thinks that he can’t tell her about spy cameras and he is watching her 24/7.

Viraj reaches Rajender’s house. Rashmi opens the door. He asks her to call Rajender and asks what’s her relationship with Rajender. She tells him that she is daughter of Rajender and her father is not in the home. She asks him that who is he. She calls her father and tells Viraj that Rajender is not picking the call.

Viraj calls on that phone number and Rashmi picks the call. He asks her that why she has Rajender’s number. She tells him that she is using this number. He tells her that he is coming from Janhvi toy company and this number got lottery of 5 lakhs through his company so he came for enquiry. She asks him that if he is joking. He gives visiting card to her. He tells her to collect the cash.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Raghav thinks that Dadi broke the rule of his house.

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