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Episode begins with Siya brings Khushi back home. Everyone gets happy seeing Khushi. Dadi tells thanks to God. Dadi asks Siya that where the latter found Khushi. Sushma asks Siya that who kidnapped Khushi. Siya replies to her mother that Rashmi and Unniyal kidnapped Khushi because Khushi learnt their truth. She tells sorry to Khushi and hugs Khushi. She says that she failed to protect Khushi. Khushi shook her head.

Police brings Unniyal there. Dadi asks Siya that why Unniyal is arrested. Siya tells her Dadi that Unniyal is a criminal. Siya reveals that Unniyal is behind everything which happened after Raghav’s death. She tells her family that Unniyal did all this to stop her and Viraj’s marriage. She says that Unniyal approached Mehek to execute his plan. She adds that they suspected Mehek and Mehek died before they finds out the complete truth.

Siya tells her mother that she and Viraj really decided to marry each other for Khushi’s sake. So Unniyal made her believe that Viraj killed Rajendra. She says that Unniyal wanted her to hate Viraj to stop the marriage. And says that she suspected why she is getting proofs one by one suddenly. She adds that she wondered why Viraj did not destroy the proofs against him.

Tushar reminds Siya about truck driver. Siya says that truck driver was the only witness to Rajendra’s death. And says that Rashmi know everything and Rashmi blackmailed Unniyal. She reveals that Unniyal gave slow poison to Rashmi. Sushma gets shocked hearing this. She asks that why Rashmi did not tell them anything. She says that Rashmi can’t be her daughter. Siya tells Sushma that they are family so they can’t behave like Rashmi. She says that they have to make Rashmi understand everything. She adds that it’s their responsibility to bring Rashmi to right path.

Sushma tells her that Rashmi did wrong and Rashmi know she is doing wrong. She says that Rashmi saved Rajendra’s murderer for money. Dadi says that they can’t forgive Rashmi. Sushma says that Rashmi did not think about anyone. She adds that she gave same upbringing to everyone. Risha’s mother tells Sushma to leave it because all the children won’t behave same. Sushma says that she won’t forgive Rashmi never.

Khushi says that everything is her mistake because she forced Siya for the marriage. Siya asks Khushi to not blame herself. Khushi apologizes to her. She says that she became selfish. She adds that Siya need not to marry Viraj. Siya hugs Khushi. She promises to keep Khushi happy always.

Siya says that Unniyal killed Risha so she can’t forgive him. Unniyal accepts that he killed Risha. Risha’s mother gets shocked hearing this and cries. She slaps Unniyal. Siya asks Unniyal that if he ever thought how Viraj will react after learning the truth. Viraj asks her that if think he don’t know.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Nupur tries to console Risha’s mother.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 4th January 2024 Written Update: Siya learns Rashmi’s truth