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Episode begins with Viraj enters the house. Khushi goes to him. Unniyal apologizes to Viraj. Viraj tells Unniyal that he waited when the latter will stop and how low Unniyal will stoop. He says that maybe he would have forgive Unniyal if the latter did not involve Khushi in all this then. He decides to punish Unniyal by himself. Khushi asks Viraj to not punish Unniyal. She tells him that Unniyal loves the latter so much. Siya agrees with Khushi.

Unniyal asks Viraj to say something. Viraj slaps Unniyal. Unniyal says that he will live in jail. Constable takes Unniyal from there. Viraj tells thanks to Siya for everything. Siya also tells thanks to Viraj for helping her. Khushi says that Viraj and Siya are her parents and they need not to get married. Siya tells Khushi to take care of herself. Viraj tells everyone to take care of themselves. He informs them that he is going to Mauritius with Khushi.

After some time, Khushi sees Viraj and Siya’s photo frame. She says that staying together is enough sometimes. She adds that they are alive and that’s enough for her. She takes selfie with photo frame and sends it to Siya. Meanwhile, Nupur tells Risha’s mother that she can understand the latter’s pain. Risha’s mother tells Nupur to do her duty only.

Nupur tells her that Unniyal confessed his crimes and he will be punished so Risha’s soul will rest in peace. She returns Risha’s things. She asks Risha’s mother to learn to forgive. She apologizes to her on behalf of Unniyal. She says that she is ready to help Risha’s mother always. She adds that Risha’s mother will get peace after forgiving Unniyal and leaves from there. Risha’s mother cries seeing Risha’s daughter. She says that she has Siya and she want to become a reason for Siya’s happiness. She adds that today Siya is going to start her career and she has to support Siya.

Unniyal wakes up because of nightmare. He hallucinates his soul. His soul asks Unniyal that what the latter got by doing all this. Unniyal says that he did nothing wrong. He tells his soul to leave from there. His soul says that Unniyal is shameless. He lists out Unniyal’s wrongdoings. Unniyal says that he did everything for Viraj. His soul says that Unniyal is murderer. Unniyal screams that he is not murderer. Nupur asks him that why he is screaming. He tells her that he will become mad if he stayed there then. She asks him to accept that he did wrong.

Dadi asks Siya that why the latter looks happy. Siya tells her that Khushi is happy with Viraj. She hope that Khushi don’t miss them. Sushma gives curd with sugar to Siya. Siya takes their blessings. Dadi says that she is proud that Siya is working for domestic violence victims.

Show ends.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 5th January 2024 Written Update: Khushi apologizes to Siya