Karanath since the inception of Big Boss OTT has been a player to watch out for.

The recent episode of Big Boss OTT had Seema Taparia inside. The famous matchmaker gave constructive feedback and criticism to all the connections. Praises were poured out for Riddhima Pandit and her connection Karanath.

Karanath’s game was an impressive one. He raised his voice against Pratik who provoked Divya and other housemates time and again. This was clearly observed by Seema too. She praised Karanath and appreciated him for the game. Seema also gave a feedback to Karanath to openly play the game as it is much liked by the viewers outside. The contestants will definitely thank Seema Taparia as she helped them where they stand. Karanath’s game from now on will be interesting to watch out for!