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The episode starts with Adhi informs to Parvathy and Ramu Swarnapuri diamond is Raghunath’s weakness. He is searching for it many days. If they give that diamond to him then he will give the amount to them. Prabhakar alerts him that he can’t able to cheat Metha with fake diamond reasoning he is so experienced in this field. Adhi tells him he is not gonna cheat him instead he gonna give original one. Parvathy questions him what’s he saying? Adhi tells her they owned Swarnapuri diamond necklace so he gonna use it here. Parvathy questions him Is he gonna use that traditional necklace? Adhi tells her that he gonna use this to save their family reputation. Adhi shares a plan with them. Ramu questions Adhi Is he wanna take risk using this traditional necklace? Adhi tells him there is no other options in his eyes reasoning he need 10 crore immediately. Parvathy says to him if he take any decision then it will end up well. Ramu says even Parvathy gives permission let’s face it together. Adhi calls to Arun.

Arun attends the call and talks with Adhi. Adhi alerts Arun about the plan and narrates everything happened in Bangalore. Adhi asks him to bring the necklace there. Arun assures with him. Parvathy prays nothing should go wrong here. Arun enters into Akhila’s room and about to on the light. Aishu stops him and says Vanaja will come and caught them red handed. Aishu turns on the torch light and starts searching for it. Finally he finds the necklace with Aishu’s help. They leaves from there after taking it. Parvathy says to Adhi they didn’t reached yet. Just then Arun and Aishu reaches there. Arun gives the necklace to Adhi. Everyone staring the necklace. Adhi says to all that he wanna caught Metha with this necklace. Adhi shares a plan with all. Parvathy asks to him what to do next? Adhi tells them that They wanna make Metha believes the diamond is coming to auction. Prabhakar questions him how is it possible? Adhi informs to them that this magazine can able to do it. Usually diamond auction news won’t come in all magazine but it comes in it. All rich people will come forward to buy it after reading it. Aishwarya says let’s put advertisement in it.

Adhi deny it reasoning this magazine is owned by a trust. It’s not easy to get advertisement from them because the wanna handover the diamond to them they will check it carefully then only they will announces it. Ramu tells him they have original one then why is he hesitating to give it. Adhi says it’s risk reasoning many people will come to buy it. He wanna see only Metha coming forward to buy it. He shows the news paper to them. Adhi asks Prabhakar to make sure Metha reading this news. He is his only target he shares a idea with them. Prabhakar assures to him that he will take care of it.

Aishwarya tells Adhi that Metha will get suspicious if no one come to buy it. Ramu assures to them that he will bring artist to act there. Prabhakar is waiting for Metha in office and walking to and forth there. Prabhakar sneaks inside Metha’s cabin to place the newspaper meanwhile Metha entering into the office. Prabhakar doubts where should he place it. Metha gets a phone call and he is busy in talking with that phone. Prabhakar places the newspaper on the table.

Episode end.