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The episode starts with Pattama coming to Vanaja’s room to take the plates. She pours the tonic by mistake. Vanaja comes there and lashes out at Pattama. Aishwarya comes there and sees everything. Akhila says to Vanaja to not overreact to show that she cares for her.

She says Pattama is not at fault, she forgot to close the tonic’s cap and she asks Pattama to clean the room and leaves. Vanaja taunts Pattama and leaves. Aishwarya looks on everything. When Padama leaves the room. She takes the empty tonic bottle with her.

Parvathi is sitting and folding the clothes. Adhi comes from back and kisses her cheek. He asks if she missed him. Parvathi replies yes and says she was thinking about him. Adhi says he brought a gift for her and asks her to guess what it’s. She says she doesn’t know and asks him to tell. He asks her to close her eyes.

He places a box on her hands. Parvathi happily says sari. He says he brought her favorite color sari and deliberately says wrong color, green. He asks to open the box. She opens and sees a red color saree. Adhi says he knows she likes red color and asks why she didn’t say anything when he told her he bought a green color sari. She says she doesn’t want to hurt him. He asks her to wear the sari. He teases her asking if he can make her wear the sari.

Parvathi kisses his cheek and goes to change. Few minutes later, she comes out wearing the sari. Adhi gets mesmerized. She comes and sits near him. He holds her hand hand and places it on his cheek. She places a kiss on his forehead and hugs him while a tamil song palys in the background.

Parvathi is coming from the temple. Vanaja comes there. She taunts Parvathi. She says she tried a lot to throw her out of the house in vain but she herself run away with Adhi. Her face is brighter than before as there is neither Akhila nor her to disturb the love birds. She is very cleaver that she separated Adhi and Akhila.

Parvathi asks what she wants. Vanaja says she wants to irritate her. She says she knows she will definitely come to this temple and paid a person to inform her when she will come. Vanaja says she wants to tell her an important matter. She says she is going to rule on that house.

Aishwarya interrupts her saying that will never happen. Parvathi gets happy seeing Aishwarya. The latter says till she and Parvathi are there, her dream will never come true. Vanaja says they both can’t stop her from wining and gets into the car and drives away.

Parvathi asks Aishwarya how Akhila is. Aishwarya says she is fine, but she take Vanaja’s side nowadays. She narrates the tonic incident that happened in the morning. Parvathi asks to take care of Akhila. Aishwarya assures her that she will come back soon to that house and will take care of Akhila. Parvathi wishes that happens soon as Adhi is away from his mom because of her. Aishwarya requests Parvathi to meet Ganesh as he misses her a lot.

The episode ends.