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The episode starts with Parvathy and Aishwarya is sitting in juice shop. Parvathy says to her let’s leave from here, orelse they will be late to reach home. Aishu says to her that they finished the job which Akhila asked them to do. Aishu further says that she already informed to Akhila, they will reach home after 30 minutes. Parvathy is bit convinced. Meanwhile upcoming minister’s son and his friends comes there to drink juice. He asks his friends to order whatever they want. He is discussing with his friends about the tour. He informs to his friends that his father will be win in this election. They settled all with money. He will give big treat to all after he turns to be a minister! He is saying to them how to enjoy in tour.

Aishwarya says to Parvathy that today is so hot. If they drink juice they will feel refreshment. Parvathy nods with her. Minster’s son notices Aishwarya and Parvathy there. His eyes glues at Aishwarya. He is staring her while talking with his friends. He starts recording her video. Waiter brings juice to Parvathy’s table. Both are drinking it. Parvathy notices him taking video. When Parvathy notices him he stops the video. Parvathy gets up from her place and moves near him. She holds his collar and slaps him hard while mentioning as pervert. He questions Parvathy Is she know who is him? How dare she to slap him? When he about to slap her. Parvathy stops him and slaps him again. He questions her why is she slapping him unnecessarily. Parvathy slaps him again. Aishwarya asks Parvathy to stop slapping him. Parvathy says to Aishwarya calm down.

Parvathy asks the manager to call the police. Aishwarya fears something will go wrong. Parvathy asks her tp calm down. She will take care of it. Parvathy asks the manager to call the police. He calls the police and informs to him that someone created problem with ladies. Minister’s son warns Parvathy but she didn’t give heed to him. His friends questions him Is he started again? He assures to them that he is innocent. Parvathy is blaming him unnecessarily! He deletes the video without anyones knowledge. He waits for police to insult Parvathy.

Inspector comes there and enquires them. He slaps the minister’s son before hearing the incidents. Parvathy informs to him that she saw him taking video of Aishwarya. That’s why she slapped him. Minister’s son says to him that he didn’t take any video. She is lying. Parvathy asks Inspector to check his mobile, then he will comes to know the truth. Inspector asks him to open the password and give the phone to him. He gives it to him. But Inspector can’t able to find any video in it. He informs to Parvathy that he can’t able to find anything in it. Parvathy too checked it and find nothing. Parvathy says to him that she saw it. Inspector says to Parvathy that she has illusions. Not only her but also all ladies has this illusion. Commonly all ladies are thinking mens are staring them. mens are wrong. He asks her to change this thought first! Parvathy says to him that she is not wrong here, she saw him clearly taking video of her. Inspector says to her that he slapped him without enquirung anything. She may mistaken him. He questiond her how could she slap a man infront of everyone without evidence. Parvathy says to him that she got angry seeing him in that state.

Inspector says to her that he wants to arrest Parvathy for creating fake scene. But he can’t able to do it. If he do it then women’s commission peoples will come here to support them. Parvathy says to him nothing to worry she is ready to go with him to police station. Inspector stares her weirdly. Parvathy and Aishwarya enters into the jeep. Inspector asks minister’s son, come to police station after paying the bill! Inspector reaches to police station. He takes them in and asks them to sit on bench. Parvathy and Aishwarya sits there. Minister’s son also comes there. Inspector asks to Parvathy Is she ready to go to court or appologizing to him. Constable recognizes both Parvathy and Aishwarya as Akhila’s daughters in laws. Parvathy is staring Inspector without guilt.

Episode end.