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The episode starts with Vanaja planning to expose the duplicate jewelry matter. She starts screaming thief. Everyone comes downstairs. Vanaja says a thief has entered the house. She says he ran out of the house. She asks Arun check. The latter comes back and says there was no one. Vanaja says she was a masked man. She asks everyone to check the jewelry and the money are safe. Akhila asks Arun and Aishwarya to check in their room.

Akhila goes to check her room. They come back and say everything is safe. Vanaja asks if their family jewels are safe. She asks Aishwarya to show to Akhila so that everyone can go and have peaceful sleep. Akhila asks Aishwarya to bring the jewels. Aishwarya brings the box. Akhila opens the box and finds the jewels safe. Vanaja says Akhila should keep the jewels since Aishwarya doesn’t the importance of their family jewels. Akhila agrees with Vanaja. Purushotaman takes the box from Aishwarya’s hand. Everyone go back to their respective room except Vanaja. The latter is happy thinking that Parvathi and Aishwarya will be caught tomorrow.

Arun and Aishwarya are discussing about what happened. They think Vanaja must not know about the duplicate jewelry in other case she would have created big problem. Arun assures Aishwarya. Just then Purushotaman comes there. He says they did a big mistake by exchanging the jewelry with duplicate one. These jewels have more values for Akhila and she will never forgive them . He asks when they exchanged it. They tell the day when Akhila organizated for ancestors Pooja.

Being first daughter-in-law of this house, Parvathi has right to do the Pooja and that’s what Guruji also said, but Akhila asked Aishwarya to do Pooja. They exchanged the jewels so that Parvathi can perform Pooja. Purushotaman says their intention was correct but the path they choosed is wrong. He says for now Akhila should not know about this. He asks them to forget about this as he will handle it.

The next day in the temple, Perumal and Janu are making all arrangements for the function. Adhi and Parvathi are getting ready. At Akhila’s house, Vanaja sends all the servants one by one out asking them to buy something. Akhila comes downstairs getting ready for function. Vanaja says she wants to accompany Akhila, as she has to do puja for Aajaneyar. Akhila agrees. The both walk away. Arun is happy that Vanaja also has gone out. Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman go to their respective room to get ready.

Arun and Aishwarya are wrapping the gift. Purushotaman comes to their room. He asks Arun to get ready saying he will help Aishwarya to wrap the gift. Vanaja texts Diviya, the nurse, to lock the door. The nurse goes and locks Arun and Aishwarya room. She then calls Nandhini to inform the same. Nandhini says to open the room door, when Vanaja will text her.

The episode ends.