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The episode starts with Parvathy and Aishwarya is sitting in police station. Inspector comes there and asks Parvathy to take a decision soon. Whether she is going to appologize to MLA son for slapping him in public nor accompanying him to court. Parvathy says to him that she won’t appologize to him when she was not wrong here. Inspector says to her that she is trying to show her attitude to him. Is it her feminism?

Parvathy sits there in silent. Inspector says to Parvathy that she is using her gender to show off here. How could she blame him without evidence? Not only blaming him but also slapped him! He asks her to take a decision and leaves. Parvathy stares MLA son and determined in her decision. He smirks at her.

Aishwarya says to Parvathy let’s inform this matter to Akhila. If she come here then she will solve this case soon. Parvathy stops her from doing it, reasoning Inspector problem is different here. He is often mentioning about Men and Women. He is misunderstanding her as ‘ Feminist’. If Akhila come here he will talk with her in this way too. Why should she insult Akhila for this case? Aishwarya agress with her. She asks Parvathy to inform Adhi atleast. She deny it and assures to her let’s deal it by herself. Constables hears it all and informs this to Akhila.

Inspector comes there and asks to Parvathy what’s her decision? Is she going to appologize to him or going to court? Parvathy says to him that she won’t appologize to him for the mistake which she didn’t done. She saw him taking the video. May be it was deleted. Inspector is not giving heed to her. Parvathy says to him that she is ready to go to court. Inspector says to her that she is trying to show her attitude to him. He asks the constable to teach a lesson to her.

Akhila comes there and shouts on Inspector. She questions hin why did he arrested these two girls? Inspector questions her back who is she to question him? Akhila informs to him that she is “Adhikadavoor Akhilandeswari” Inspector makes fun of her name. Akhila says to him that they are her family. Inspector says to her that he confirmed it from where did Parvathy learnt this Attitude?
He informs to her that Parvathy slapped one man in public. How dare she to slap him? Akhila stares them and says to him that Parvathy don’t slap anyone without mistake? If she slapped him means he might done some mistakes!

Inspector complaints that they are showing feminism here. He compares her with women’s commission members. Akhila stares back at him in attitude. She compares him with male chauvnism people. Inspector blames Parvathy. Akhila says to him that Parvathy never lie! She is here for Parvathy.

Inspector says to her that he slapped him in first place. After checking his mobile there is no video in it. So it’s clear that Parvathy is lie here. He asks Akhila to check his mobile if she has doubt. Akhila calls Adhi there. He comes there with one technician. He says to Inspector that they are going to recover the photo from it.

MLA son starts shiver. Adhi starts to recover the picture. He shows it to Inspector. He gets shock to see many vulgar pics are in it. Inspector starts beating them. MLA comes there to save his son. But inspector shows black and blue to them. Akhila snapped at him. She asks him to blame Parvathy now. He says to her that he done his work honestly. He can’t able to find Aishwary’s video in it. He will get another chance to prove his honesty.

Episode ends.