Sembaruthi 16th April 2021 Written Update On JustShowBiz.Net

The episode starts with Raaji informs to Akhila that she decides to perform Mahesh’s engagement tomorrow. Akhila questions her why is she rushing up the things? Raaji informs to her that she wants to perform the engagement before Mahesh change his decision. She fears that he will again go against her! More then tomorrow is auspicious day for engagement that’s why she wishes to do it. Akhila agrees with her decision hearing the reason. Akhila says to her she will definitely attend the function.

Akhila is checking the file in hall. Aishwarya comes there and bring coffee to her. Akhila thank her and questions Aishwarya where is Parvathy? She informs to her that Parvathy went to check up. Today she has appointment in hospital. Akhila nods. Aishwarya asks her Is she like the coffee? Akhila nods again. Akhila asks Aishu to cancel all programme tomorrow, reasoning she wants to attend one function.Vanaja notices Akhila is working in hall. She curses her for not going to office instead of working in home. She adds that Vanaja can able to sit freely in that sofa when Akhila is not in home. Just then Adhi and Parvathy comes there. Adhi is helping Parvathy to walk. Vanaja notices them and plans to create a problem there. She goes near Akhila while smirking at Parvathy. Vanaja says to Akhila that Parvathy’s leg got little wound but she is behaving like her leg was broken! Akhila shares her in questioning way? Vanaja asks her to watch how is Adhi helping Parvathy to walk!

Akhila questions them what’s going on here? Adhi takes his hand from Parvathy hearing it. Vanaja happiness having no bounds seeing Akhila approaching them. Vanaja thinks that she will scold them. Akhila questions Parvathy doesn’t Doctor asks her to take rest? Why did she roaming around without talking rest? Vanaja disappointed with Akhila’s behavior! Akhila questions Parvathy Is she visited temple? Adhi says to her that Parvathy did Adipradarshanam for Akhila. She feels happy to hear it. Akhila asks Parvathy to take rest and sends her away. Akhila shares them leaving. She stares Vanaja too. Vanaja leaves from there in silent. She starts to concentrate on her work.

Parvathy says to Adhi that they promised to Bhavani. So they want to keep their promise. Adhi says to her that they must arrange this marriage with his mom’s permission. Parvathy agrees with him. She adds that already they done marriage without Akhila’s permission it’s still haunting them. Bhavani calls to him. Parvathy fears that she may be in trouble again. Adhi attends the call. Bhavani informs to him that one more problem came. She informs to him that Raaji going to perform Mahesh’s engagement tomorrow.

Parvathy assures to her that they will stop it at any cost! She asks Adhi to plan something to stop it. He thinks a while and says to her if Mahesh announces in front of all that he don’t like this engagement. All problems will be solve. let’s send Singaram to Raaji’s house. If he shares this to Mahesh that’s enough. Singaram reaches to his house and notices the protection. He sneaks inside without anyone knowledge. He enters inside the house but leaves from there seeing the body guards. Singaram informs to Adhi that Raaji house arrested Mahesh. Bhavani hears it. She says to them clearly that she will die if this engagement happen. She leaves from there.

Episode end.