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The episode starts with the goons kidnapping Purushotaman mistaking him for Sundaram. Vanaja gets Nandhini’s call. She informs Vanaja that her goons successfully have kidnapped Sundaram. Vanaja says let’s see if Parvathi will save her dad or her brand ambassador posting. She then adds that she will keep updating her before cutting the call.

Sundaram comes there with the coconut water. Vanaja gets shocked seeing him. She asks him if he hasn’t taken the car for the market. Sundar says Purushotaman stopped him in midway. As he had some work in office, he dropped him at the shop and left in the car. Vanaja realizes that Nandhini’s goons have kidnapped Purushotaman. She angrily asks him to leave putting the coconut water there.

The goons takes Purushotaman to Nandhini. They remove the mask. Nandhini gets shocked seeing Purushotaman. She slaps the goon. She scolds them for kidnapping the owner instead of the driver. She asks them to release him when he will gain consciousness. Vanaja phones her and informs that Purushotaman was kidnapped. Nandhini expresses her disappointment and cuts the call.

Parvathi is happily getting ready for office. Adhi back hugs her saying it seems she’s very happy today to which Pravathi admits that she is elated because Akhila cared for her and made her win in this project. Adhi wishes to see her always happy.

She says she will be always if she can make even a small place in Akhila ma’s heart. Adhi says mom’s heart is slowly changing and very soon her every wish would get fulfilled. She asks him to get ready fast so that thry can leave for office. Adhi says he couldn’t come with her as he has some auditing work in his office.

Parvathi becomes upset. She says he had made her brand ambassador, how she can accept the same post again without his presence. Adhi requests her to understand his situation. He gives her the pen that Akhila gifted Parvathi and asks her to sign the appointment order using that pen.

He asks her to return as the brand ambassador of Adhitiya’s group of company. Parvathi says she’s proud to be wife makes than being a brand ambassador. Aishwarya phones Parvathi. She asks Parvathi to reach office before 11 o’clock. Parvathi agrees. Parvati informs Adhi the same and takes his leave.

At the office, Arun and Aishwarya notice Vanaja irritated. Vanaja phones Nandhini and expresses her anger for Akhila and Parvathi. Nandhini assures her that Parvathi will not become the brand ambassador. She further says that they have kidnapped right person without their knowledge.

Parvathi can sacrifice her family to fulfill her duty. She will get more worried for Purushotaman than Sundaram. She asks Vanaja to wait and see Parvathi’s reaction, when she will get to know about Purushotaman’s kidnapping.

Parvathi reach the office. Arun and Aishwarya welcome her calling brand ambassador. They tease her. Gajenthiren asks them to come inside. Parvathi gets a call from an unknown number. The goon asks Parvathi to do as he will instruct. He asks her to check the whatsapp video, when Parvathi refuses to do. She panicks seeing the video of Purushotaman. She asks the goon what he wants. He asks her to refuse the brand ambassador post at the end moment.

Parvathi agrees. He then says none should know about this, else they will kill Purushotaman. He cuts the call. Parvathi is worried. Akhila comes to talk to Parvathi. She finds her dull and disturbed. She asks her what happened. Parvathi says nothing. Akhila asks if she’s hiding something from her to which Parvathi lies again nothing. Akhila says she hopes that she’s not lying to her.

The episode ends.