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Aishwarya takes Arun downstairs. Purushotaman questions where she is taking him. Aishwarya says like school kid who gets ready, but doesn’t want to go to school, he is nervously sitting after getting ready. Purushotaman assures Arun. The trio goes to puja room and prays to God. Purushotaman blesses Arun and congratulates him for his first day office.

Parvathi thinks what to cook for lunch. She remembers that Adhi told her he liked the mushroom fried rice that he had in a hotel and decides to make mushroom fried rice. She sees YouTube video and starts making mushroom fried rice. She finishes cooking and tastes it. She makes faces as she doesn’t like the taste. She worries what to do as Adhi will come for lunch. That time Adhi comes and asks if lunch is ready as he is starving. Parvathi asks if they can have lunch outside today.

When adhi asks why. She tells him she tried mushroom rice but it didn’t come well. Adhi takes her to the kitchen and tastes the dish and says it’s delicious and asks to take the plate. Parvathi says he is lying. He assures her that it’s tasty. Parvathi asks him to wait few minutes. she will add some masalas to make the taste better. Adhi agrees and goes to make an official call.

Parvathi adds some masalas and serves mushroom rice for Adhi. He asks her sit and he serves the food for Parvathi. Adhi have one bite and says it’s good. Parvathi says she can’t make foreign dishes. Adhi assures her that it’s tasty. Both starts having the food happily.

The manager and the union leader, rajesh, discuss Arun. The manager says that Nandhini had told him Arun joins the company against his wish. They should create such situations that will irritate Arun and he never come back to the company.

Gajendiren welcomes Arun giving a bouquet. He takes him to his cabin and congratulates him. Arun thinks everyone forced him to come to the office against his wish. The manager brings lot of files and asks to check and sign them today itself. Arun questions how he can check all these files in one day. Manager compares Arun with Adhi and insults him saying he’s not as talented as Adhi. Arun gets a call and goes to factory. The manager calls the employee and informs Arun is coming to the factory.

Arun comes to the factory and questions the union leader why workers aren’t working. The union leader compares Arun with Adhi and insults him and asks to call Akhila. Arun asks to tell the problem to him. The union leader says cantine food isn’t hygienic. Arun questions they stopped the production just for cantine food. The union leader says if it was Adhi, he would have understood their problem and solved it. He insults Arun that he knows nothing about the factory.

Arun loses his cool and starts beating the union leader. The latter warns Arun that the workers won’t go back to work. Arun beats him again. Gajendiren comes there and stops Arun. He says to Arun he made a small thing a big issue and it wouldn’t have happened if Adhi was there. Arun glares at Gajendiren and leaves angrily. Gajendiren requests union leader not to make a big issue of it and assures he will talk to Akhila.

Arun angrily comes home. Purushotaman stops him. Akhila comes there and looks at Arun.

The episode ends.