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The episode starts with Vanaja pouring the kalasam water in the bathroom. She tells to Aishwarya  along with this water all good things that’s going to happen in this house will also get mix with the drainage water. Aishwarya starts laughing. She says she expected her to do something like this so she changed the kalasam. She has kept Parvathi’s kalasam safe.

She asks Vanaja to see the bottom of the kalasam where a naamam was drawn. Aishwarya adds she was fooled. She then shows the video recording of Vanaja taking the kalasam from pooja room. She mocks Vanaja asking if the video was recorded. The video will be a big hit, when it will be released on Akhila’s mobile.

 Vanaja snatches the mobile from Aishwarya’s hand and deletes the video. She says she was the headmaster of the school where she studied. Vanaja mocks Aishwarya. The latter stops Vanaja. She says she hasn’t taken that video so that she can easily deleted. The video was already delivered where it should have been that’s on Akhila’s mobile. The latter must have seen the video till now. She starts the countdown. Akhila angrily calls Vanaja. Aishwarya asks Vanaja to go downstairs.


The whole family gathers in hall. Akhila Slaps Vanaja. Akhila says to Vanaja to stop acting as she got afraid. She would have never done such thing, if she had been really scared. She again slaps Vanaja. Purushotaman asks Akhila what Vanaja has done. Akhila shows the video to him. Akhila questions Vanaja why she has exchanged the pooja Kalasam that’s in the pooja room with another one. Purushotaman says she must have done this act so that no good things happen to this family.

Vadivel says she has evil mind since her childhood. Akhila asks to answer Vanaja. The latter does her usual acting. She says she has done like that for Akhila’s wellness. Vadivel asks how exchanging the Kalasam will be good to the family. Akhila asks how she can do like that after knowing that she(Akhila) believes that the Kalasam brings positivity to their family. Vanaja says she doesn’t believe it and wanted to prove. She does fake promise on their ancestors.

 Akhila says she always forgave her mistakes for their ancestors sake. She warns Vanaja not to try to break her faith. Vanaja says she won’t repeat it. Akhila asks where’s the Kalasam. Aishwarya says she has kept the Kalasam safe as she guessed Vanaja’s move. Arun brings the Kalasam and gives it Akhila. Later Vanaja vows to avenge her insult.


Parvathi is packing Adhi’s bag for his Hyderabad trip. She asks him to not miss his meal. Adhi says he has informed Janu about his trip. She will take care of her. Parvathi accompanies Adhi till the door. She asks him to call her before taking the flight. Adhi leaves vawing bye to Parvathi. Later Parvathi cries. She apologizes to Adhi for sending him in hurry as she doesn’t want to cry in front of him and hurt him. Just then Adhi comes there. He turns her towards him.

 Parvathi cries hugging him. She again apologizes to Adhi. She says last time when he went to Mumbai, she sent him with a criying face so that he got in trouble. She doesn’t want to send him with a crying face, but she failed. Adhi consoles her. He reassures her. She asks why he has come back, how he got to know she is crying.

Adhi says no one knows her better than him. Parvathi hugs him while a tamil song plays in the background. Adhi wipes her tears and asks to send him off with a smiley. He plants a kiss on her forehead. Adhi takes her leave. Parvathi happily waves him bye.


The episode ends.