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The episode starts with Akhila telling if Parvathi fails in the project, they should never mention Parvathi’s name in any office related matters. She angrily goes upstairs. Vanaja thinks of doing something against Parvathi. Aishwarya and Purushotaman are upset with Arun for missing such a golden opportunity and express it. Arun looks puzzled. Purushotaman tells instead of asking Akhila to make Parvathi brand ambassador, he could have asked her to accept Parvathi.

Arun realized his mistake and regrets it. Arun tells if he can ask Akhila now. Purushotaman tells if he asks her now, he will only get slaps. Aishwarya tells if he doesn’t know Akhila doesn’t come back in her decision. Purushotaman tells there’s no use of talking about it to Akhila again, they should think how to make Parvathi win this project so they can decrease the distance between them. Aishwarya agrees with Purushotaman. She tells how to make Parvathi agree. Arun tells they will convince her. They decide to hide from Parvathi the fact that Akhila doesn’t want Parvathi to do the project.

Adhi finds Parvathi upset. He asks her what’s the matter. She says nothing. Adhi tells she’s lying, he can find her lie just looking into her eyes. Parvathi tells she was worried for Bavani, they should somehow unite her with Mahesh. She further tells their love story is similar to theirs. Adhi agrees. Adhi tells he didn’t change, but Parvathi changed. She used to wear half saree, but now she’s wearing only saree. He tells he desries to see her once again in half saree. Parvathi walks away saying she can’t wear half saree. Adhi gets upset.

After a while, Parvathi surprises Adhi wearing half saree. Adhi gets mesmerized on seeing her. He tells she remains the same Parvathi. The latter she’s the same and she always belongs to him. Adhi takes a picture of Parvathi. Adhi tells he never kissed when she used to wear half saree and asks to kiss him. Parvathi runs away slightly pushing him. Adhi chases her. He holds her and about to kiss. Arun tells he’s here closing his eyes. Adhi and Parvathi gets embarrassed. Adhi asks him to open his eyes. Arun gets stunned seeing Parvathi in half saree. He tells she reminds the first time he saw her.

Adhi asks Arun what’s the matter. Arun tells their herbals beauty products got big orders from Belgium. Arun and Parvathi gets happy. Arun tells there’s one more good news, Mom told Parvathi has to do this order. Parvathi is doubtful. She asks Arun to tell the truth. Arun keeps saying Mom asked her to do this order. Parvathi isn’t convinced. She asks if Akhila told that Parvathi should do this order or he made her to say this. Arun asks if he doesn’t believe his words. Parvathi asks to swear on her. Arun tells he can’t. He tells about what happened at home. Parvathi says Akhila is right, she can’t do this. Arun tells she can and asks Adhi to convince.

The episode ends.