Sembaruthi 20th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga says to Bhavani that she wants to come out and stop this engagement when she is calling her. Then only she can able to unite with Mahesh. She nods to her. Ganga lies to her that Parvathy asked Ganga to convey this matter to her! Bhavani tells her that Parvathy is a good person. She is doing this all to keep the promise with her. Ganga says to her in sarcasm way that none has a good heart like Parvathy’s one. Bhavani starts to cough. Ganga gives water to her. Bhavani says to her may her grandma thinking about her. Ganga says to her when Mahesh too think about her. Bhavani blushes. Ganga asks Bhavani to come out when she is calling her and stop the engagement. She gives the clothes to her to change it tomorrow. Ganga asks her to be careful and leaves from there. She sigh in relief when no one finds her out. Bhavani starts eating the food.

Akhila is scolding the hotel management for not arranging the staying facility for three family. Parvathy comes there to give milk to her. Akhila lashes out at the management people for being careless. She notices Parvathy and let her come inside her room. She gives milk to Akhila. Parvathy says to Akhila that she can’t able to see her awake like this. She asks her to stop worrying about the engagement. Akhila shares to Parvathy it’s not a only a engagement. She gave promise to her friend Raaji that she will perform Mahesh engagement well. Parvathy assures to Akhila that she will perform this engagement well as she said. Akhila shares to her that Bhavani is still missing so she can’t able to sit peacefully. Parvathy tells her Adhi will take care of Bhavani matters. Tomorrow everything will go smoothly so nothing to worry. She asks her to drink the milk before it turns to cold. Parvathy leaves from there.

Parvathy asks one person to take care of the decorations work. She is helping Priest on stage. Vanaja thinks that all places decorated well and all lights are on. Whose cash is this all? She thinks all decorations are beautiful. She notices Parvathy and makes faces. She dislikes the way Akhila wasting money for someone else. Vanaja pretends like welcoming all happily but scolding them in mind. Akhila comes there. Vanaja thinks that she done make up to get insult in front of all. Akhila praises the decoration. She thinks where is Varsha and Raaji family? Akhila asks Arun to welcome all. Arun praises Parvathy for arranging all alone. They starts welcome all there but Akhila calls them and discuss something with them.

Raaji family comes there. Akhila welcomes her. She complaints to Raaji that she is late. Raaji says to her that she came noticing good muhurth. She praises the decoration. Akhila informs to her Parvathy done it all. Varsha family reaches there. Ganga asks Vanaja to bring Bhavani there. She informs to her let’s take her out on engagement time. Adhi and Singaram are searching for Bhavani there. Mahesh calls to Adhi and questions him where is he? Adhi informs to him that he is searching for Bhavani. He will only return there along with Bhavani. Raaji is speaking with Akhila happily. Parvathy enters inside store room.

Episode end.