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The episode starts with Akhila taking in phone call to Nandhini. Akila tells that she had put the drugs in her car and police is coming to arrest her which shocks Nandhini. Akhila asks how much time she will take to cross the distance of 2 km. Nandhini looks on around her. Akhila asks if she is searching for direction to run away and says she can’t escape from her and cuts the call.

Nandhini runs to her car and finds the car locked. She searches for her key, but she can’t find it. She starts running hearing Police jeep siren. while running, she falls down and gets hurt. She gets up and again run. She hides behind a wall and waits for the police jeep passes from there. Then she again starts running and falls down. When she looks up, she finds Akhila looking at her laughing. Akhila says she crossed the 2 km in 10 min 30 seconds. She says she planned to humiliate her but she got herself humiliate. She asks why she tries to attack her inspite of knowing that she can’t touch even her shadow. She warns that she can’t win her and leaves. Nandhini screams in frustration.

Parvathi is pacing back forth thinking what to gift Adhi for their anniversary. She think to check the gifts that Adhi presented her before to get an idea. She brings a back and takes Ram and Sita statue and smiles recalling Adhi giving it to her. She then takes the glass sand timer and recalls Adhi giving it to her. She takes a black coffee mug and recalls how it showed Adhi and her picture when the sun light fallen on it. She takes the anklets and recalls Adhi making her wear them.

Then she takes the air pillow and recalls Adhi blowing air into the pillow. Adhi comes there and asks what she doing. She replies she is seeing his gift for her. Adhi sits next to her and asks what is the most unforgettable gift. She asks him to close his eyes without cheating. She goes closer to him and kisses him on his cheek indicating his kisses are the unforgettable gifts for her. Adhi hugs her and place a kiss on her forehead while a romantic Tamil song plays in the background.

Purushotaman sees Arun sitting upset and questions about the same, but the latter says he is fine. When Akhila comes and sits on the sofa, Arun gets up to leave the place, but Akhila stops him asking to sit. Aishwarya also comes and stand next to Arun. Akhila says he doesn’t know when and how it had happened, but he is responsible for what had happened. Purushotaman asks Akhila what Arun has done. Akhila says because of Arun, she and her family would have faced humiliation but thankfully a pregnant lady saved her from that humiliation.

She tells Nandhini has planned to humiliate her by framing her in drug case using Arun. She further tells Arun helped Nandhini unknowingly. She asks Arun where he was the whole night. Arun replies he was with his friend. Akhila asks if they had drinks for which Arun nods his head yes. Akhila concludes that his friend must be involved with Nandhini and through that friend Nandhini must have put drugs on his car. Aishwarya and Purushotaman looks on shocked.

The episode ends.