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The episode starts with Guruji asking Parvathi about the kalasam she’s holding in her hands. Parvathi says this Kalasam has Ganga water and the priest in the temple has given her. Guruji says to Akhila that the Kalasam that Parvathi is holding is very powerful and brings prosperity to home.

He adds that the kalasam should be welcomed like the newly wedded couple get welcomed, so he asks Akhila not to stop Parvathi’s aarti. Akhila agrees and asks Pattamal to do Parvathi’s aarti. Guruji stops Pattamal. He says third person should perform the aarti and asks Akhila to do it. Akhila agrees. Everyone gets happy except Vanaja. Akhila does Adhi and Parvathi’s aarti. She invites them to come inside.

Parvathi gently kicks the pot of rice placed at the entrance and walks in with Adhi. The both look at the house emotionally. Arun says to Purushotaman that Vanaja’s evil plan unintentionally ended doing good for Parvathi. Guruji asks Parvathi to put the Kalasam in the puja and room and light the Kuthu vilaku. They all go to the puja room. Vanaja internationally asks Guruji if Aishwarya can’t light the Kuthu vilaku after all she’s also the daughter-in-law of this house.

Guruji says she can do. Vanaja asks Aishwarya to light the Kuthu vilaku. Aishwarya does it without any option. Guruji takes leave. Aishwarya apologizes to Parvathi for lighting the Kuthu vilaku in her place. Parvathi says that’s fine. She’s happy that Akhila welcomed her taking aarti. Aishwarya asks if she has any other wish. Parvathi says she’s sad that she couldn’t perform Akhila’s Padha puja. Aishwarya assures her that her wish will get fulfilled on the day of Akhila and Purushotaman’s wedding anniversary. They go downstairs.

Everyone is gathered in the hall. Akhila calls out Adhi and asks him to sit next to her. She keeps admiring her son. Vanaja fumes seeing this. Parvathi walks away to give them privacy. Arun notices this. He also leaves from there along with Aishwarya and Vadivel. Vanaja angrily leaves from there. Akhila and Adhi asks how each other is doing.

Akhila gets emotional and says till now she felt an emptiness in her heart and in this house inspite of having everything, but today she feels like her her haert and this house is filled with joy. Adhi also cries saying when he’s with her, his heart also feels very light. Akhila wipes his tears. She says till now she felt like she was alone inspite of having many people around her, but today, when he’s with her, she’s confident like thousand people standing with her. They share an emotional moment.

The episode ends.