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The episode starts with Adhi assuring a tensed Parvathi that the borad rack is just a game and not to take it serious. Parvathi tells she is feeling restless in her heart. Adhi and Parvathi smell something burning and go to check. They see the door screen near puja room vilaiki burning. Adhi puts off the fire throwing a cloth on the screen.

Parvathi tells the door screen catching fire is a bad omen. She requests him to stop the game as she’s scared. Adhi reassures her and suggests to open the gift and sees. Parvathi agrees. Parvathi has written gold anklets and Adhi has brought the same gift. Parvathi gets happy. Adhi asks if they can continue the game. Parvathi nods yes and hugs him.

Arun, Aishwarya takes Purushotaman blessings. Akhila comes there and gives them a file asking them to go to the construction office and works on a new contract. When Purushotaman tells she is giving them a big responsibility, Akhila says she called some architects to the office to help them.

When Purushotaman is about to say something, she stops him saying Arun needs to gain some experience, even though he fails, at least he would have get the experience of working with the great team. Aishwarya tells they will workout the contract and Arun, Aishwarya take Akhila’s blessings. Akhila tells to Arun, Aishwarya it will be their last chance, and if they fails they have to quit the business.

Arun comes to Adhi’s office to meet him. Adhi gets happy to meet him. Seeing Arun’s dull face, Adhi asks him what is the matter. Arun tells his problem is the business. He further tells that Aishwarya decided to come with him to the office to help him. Mom gives them a contract file and told it’s their last chance and if they aren’t able to succeed, they have to quit. Adhi tells he should understand that mom’s real intention is to make him a successful businessman.

Arun tells he can’t become like him. Adhi asks Arun to bring out his own talent and win the project given by their mom. He tells he can do that and he has faith on him. Arun seeks Adhi’s guidance and his support to win this project and they discuss about the project. Arun tells he was confused what to do before coming here, but now he knows what he should exactly and thanks Adhi and takes his leave.

Nandhini comes to meet two men. A woman interrupts her and congratulates her for going to get the new project. Nandhini tells everyone thinks she’ going to get the project as Akhila’s company isn’t in the race, but she prefers to win against a tough opponent and thanks her. Another man comes and informs Nandhini that Akhila’s company taking part in the project and Akhila gave the responsibility to her son.

Nandhini shocking asks if he talks about Adhi and questions if Adhi, Akhila are united. The man says she gave the responsibility to her second son Arun. Nandhini laughs saying she even forgot about his existence. She says he’s a kid and she won’t even keep him as her company’s staff and she tells that she is surprised that Akhila gave him this big project. The man tells Akhila has called three famous architects to help Arun and she has also sent her daughter-in-law, Aishwarya to the office in order to support Arun.

Nandhini says they can’t Aishwarya lightly as she is very sharp. She tells till now she can’t win against Adhi and Akhila, but she shouldn’t fail against Arun, as it will be great insult for her. She says she won’t let Arun, Aishwarya win and tells a plan to the men. Nandhini leaves asking the men to execute her plan without any fault.

Aishwarya is waiting for Arun in the temple. When the latter comes, she asks where he has gone asking her to wait in the temple. Arun tells he has gone to meet Adhi to get his guidance. When Aishwarya asks what Adhi told, Arun says he told he has confidence on him and asked to do without any fear. Aishwarya says leaving him everyone has faith on him.

Aishwarya takes Arun to the temple’s pond. She asks how long he can hold his breath under water. Arun tells till 100 counts. She tells he can hold till 150 counts for which Arun panics and says he can’t. Aishwarya asks him to give a try now itself. Arun agrees and comes changing his dress. He get into the pond. He goes under the water holding his breath while Aishwarya starts counting.

The episode ends.