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The episode starts with Parvathi calling her dad Sundaram. The latter do not pick the call. Ganesh sees his sister’s name on display and attend the call, but before he can speak the call get disconnected. Parvathi feels sad thinking why her dad is not picking her call.

On the other hand Ganesh angrily asks his dad if he does not want to speak to Parvathi he could give the phone to him, at least he would spoke to her. Adhi’s dad agrees too. Sundaram blames that her daughter is responsible for all problems and he warned her before but she never listened.  Parvathi calls again. Ganesh attends the call and says he misses her.

  Parvathi asks about her dad and questions why he is not picking her call, he is angry with her. Ganesh tells he is always angry with her. He asks why she and Adhi did like this. He requests her to come back to home and asks where they are now. Parvathi refuses to reveal the address. Adhi’s dad talks to Parvathi and requests her to return home with Adhi.

Parvathi’s tells that Adhi is adamant in his decision. Adhi’s dad says he knows but he thought he may convince him. He too asks their address. She apologies that she cannot reveal it. Adhi’s s dad says he understands. She consoles him and says they did milk boiling in their new house. She seeks for his blessings. He says his blessings is always with them.

Parvathi tells she wishes to get his father’s blessings too. Adhi’s dad try to convince Sundaram to talk to Parvathi. Sundaram refuses saying that how he can give her blessings when Adhi’s mom is in pain thinking of her son leaving the house.

 Ganesh asks at least to talk to Parvathi. But Sunadaram is very adamant. Parvathi feels sad and cuts the call. Sundaram feels bad thinking he may did wrong refusing to talk to her daughter.

Adhi asks Parvathi if she talked to her dad. She says he does not want to speak to her. Adhi assures her everything will be fine. Parvathi says she never thought they will leave away from their family. Adhi says falling is not always a failure. He says it’s the beginning of their life. They share a hug; in background vanatham vishutalum song is playing.

Parvathi asks Adhi what he wants for dinner, idli or Dosa. He teases her saying make it first then he will name it. They have a cute moment. Parvathi trying to make Dosa but she is not able. She does not understands what’s wrong.

She thinks Adhi must be angry and try to make again but fails. She tries to makes again but dosa did not come well. She worries what’s happening today, it never happened like this before. Adhi comes to kitchen to check. He asks if she is fighting with dosa and try to make her calm.

 He says he will make dosa and start making it. It comes out well. Parvathi wondr=ers how he can make and she is not. He says if you do with calm mind it would have come well. He makes Dosa for both of them.  Adhi feeds Parvathi.

The latter crying saying that She should make the dosa and he eats. Adhi says why husband can’t make dosa and wife eat and asks to eat. Adhi feeds Parvathi and she feeds him.

The episode ends