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The episode starts with Adhi coming to Akhila’s room to talk. He sees her talking on a phone call. He hesitates to begin the conversation, so she leaves saying he will come afterwards. He stops at the doorstep and looks back at Akhila feeling emotional. Akhila also looks at him emotionally.

Adhi comes to his room. Parvathi asks him if he hasn’t talked with Akhila ma. Adhi says she is on a call so he has come back. Parvathi says that’s fine, he can talk to her morning and asks him to sleep. She lays down next to him on the bed. Parvathi falls asleep while Adhi keeps turning sides not getting sleep. He sits on the bed. Parvathi wakes up from the sleep and asks him what happened.

Adhi says he can’t stop thinking about mom. Parvathi assures him that he can talk to her morning and asks him to sleep. She sleeps again. Adhi is still feeling disturbed and doesn’t get sleep. Parvathi wakes up from the sleep again and asks him again what happened. Adhi says he is unable to stop thinking about mom and says he will go to talk to her. Parvathi nods ok. Adhi leaves. He goes till Akhila’s room. He stops finding her room door locked. He hesitates to knock the door, so he decides to go back to his room.

Then he notices that Akhila is sleeping sitting on the sofa. He goes downstairs. He goes to his mom and looks at her silently. Akhila wakes up from the sleep and notices Adhi standing. She asks what he’s doing here without sleeping. Adhi says he’s not getting sleep. Akhila says she was also not getting sleep, so she has come to sit here for a while then she has fallen asleep. She asks him to sit next to her. They both try to say something simultaneously and then stop.

Akhila asks Adhi to speak. Adhi asks if he can lay on her lap. She signs him to come. Adhi lies down on her lap crying. Akhila gets emotional and caresses his hair lovingly. Otherside Parvathi is shown waiting for Adhi to come back. She comes out of the room to check. She notices Adhi and Akhila sharing an emotional moment. Adhi says he’s hungry and wishes to have food made by her hands.

Akhila takes him to the kitchen. He sits on the kitchen counter while Akhila starts making dosa for Adhi. Purushotoman comes out of the room and notices Akhila making dosa for Adhi and feels happy. Akhila gives dosa to Adhi. The latter asks her to feed him. She does. He says it has been longtime, he misses her. Akhila says she has been waiting for her Adhi since longtime and asks where he was. Adhi feeds her back the dosa. Akhila breaks down while Adhi also cries. Purushotoman and Parvathi look at them from upstairs.

The episode ends.