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The episode starts with Nandini dials to Shiva and informs to him that she is wasting in back side. She asks him to steak the sword soon without anyone knowledge. He assures to her. Shiva is checking everyone room whether all are sleeping well or not to steal the sword from the pooja room. He enters into the pooja room and finds the sword there. He guesses it’s their family’s traditional sword. He wishes to steal it before someone coming. His hands hits something and makes sound. Patvathy wakes up hearing this sound. She doubts what’s that sound. She gets up from her bed and comes out of her room to check. Shiva about to touch the sword but he takes it using towel.

Shiva comes out taking the sword and wishes to give it to Nandini but he gets shock to find Parvathy here roaming here and there to check whether someone sneaked into her house or not? He thinks she is a disturbance to him. She checks all rooms and comes near pooja room.Shiva guesses that she is walking to pooja room. He thinks he gonna kill Parvathy today if she enter into the pooja room. She will die in his hand before Akhila. Parvathy didn’t enter into the pooja room because she didn’t take bath. She goes down to search and finds no one in kitchen. Shiva thinks that Parvathy is always a disturbance to him. Parvathy goes to her room and lays down. Shiva checks Parvathy and confirms she is not noticing him. He comes out taking the sword but he didn’t notices flowers are falling down from the sword. Shiva feels happy when no one find him there. He failed to notice and flowers on floor.

Shiva is searching for Nandini there and finds her sitting inside the car. He jumps down from the wall and goes near her. He shows the sword to Nandini she feels happy to see it. Nandini takes it from his hand and smirks. Nandini appreciate Shiva for stole it successfully. Nandini says that Akhila’s life over today. Nandini asks him to go back to house. She asks him to update her what’s happening here. Shiva leaves from there. Akhila’s servant comes out to console her crying baby. She notices Nandini standing there while holding sword. She doubts who is she and why is she standing here? Nandini leaves from there. Nandini stops the car infront of temple. She wakes the security and asks him to open the gate for her. He deny it. She gives money to him and makes him open the gate for her. Nandini takes the sword and enters into the temple.

Episode end.