Sembaruthi 28th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raaji says to Akhila don’t trust Parvathy she is trying to stop this marriage. Parvathy informs to her she will prove it to all. Raaji tries to stop her Paarvathy asks Akhila to see the Garland but she stops her. Garland falls down. Akhila notices the nuptial chain in it. Akhila questions Raaji what’s this all? She never thought she will cheat her like this? Doesn’t she has trust on her? Didn’t she trusted her a lot and promised to her on sword name? Marriage is a sacred one she looked down on it and behaved in this way. This engagement won’t take place here anymore.

Raaji gets shock to hear it. Mahesh stares him Mom in disguist way. Aalavandan and Varsha gets disappointed to hear it. Vanaja thinks what’s next? Raaji asks Akhila to fulfill her promise. She might allow this engagement to happen here for her word at least. Akhila says to her that she tried to betray her in front of all on that second her promise lost it’s value. She don’t need to fulfill that promise anymore. Akhila says to Raaji that she lost the rights to stand in her house and asks her to get out from this place.

Adhi comes there along with Guruji. Mahesh gets happy to see Bhavani there. Vanaja gets shock to see Bhavani with Adhi. She doubts how comes she is here with Adhi. Adhi informs to Akhila that he find out Bhavani. Guruji greets Akhila. Vanaja fears what’s he gonna say now? Guruji informs to Akhila that he already informed to Vanaja that Akhila family will face humiliation if this engagement take place. Vanaja thinks that he revealed the truth to all. Guruji questions Akhila doesn’t Vanaja informed to her about it yet? Vanaja thinks that he informed to her it in wrong timing.

Akhila glares Vanaja and questions her why did she hide it from her? Is she trying to cheat her? She slaps her by saying why don’t she change after this much happened? Vanaja apologies to Akhila and adds to her that she was confused. She already promised to Raaji and took promise from Patvathy to perform this engagement that’s why she don’t wanna confuse her more. She has no other intentions then this. She will never think anything bad for her.she hides it for her.

Bhavani cries seeing Mahesh he goes near her. Varsha glares him. Mahesh holds her hand and says to her that Raaji threatened him that Bhavani is in her custody if he refuses to do this engagement then she will kill her that’s why he agreed to do this engagement. Guests started badmouthing them. Bhavani informs to him that his mom didn’t kidnapped her she lied to him.

Mahesh says to Raaji that he felt ashamed to mention her as his mom. He will never see her again. Mahesh leaves from there angrily. Akhila says to Raaji that even her son is not ready to see her. She is also saying the same don’t come in front of her again. Guests starts badmouthing Raaji there. Guruji says to Akhila that Pervades saved Akhila’s family name on correct time. Guests praises Parvathy as good daughter in law. They praises her as the next Adhikadavoor Akhilandeswari!

Episode end