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The episode starts with Vanaja says to Ganga that Akhila gives a key to Thief. Parvathy is trying in all way to stop Mahesh and Varsha marriage at any cost. But here Akhila gives all responsibility of Mahesh engagement to Parvathy. It’s very fun to watch her doing all works. Vanaja says to Ganga that Parvathy promised to Akhila that she will arrange everything to perform the engagement to keep her promise. Ganga says to her that they shouldn’t allow her to perform this engagement. They want to do something against her. Vanaja says that Akhila will definitely throw out Parvathy from the house if it happen. Uma questions them Are they villains or good person? Doesn’t Vanaja wish to see this engagement happen well then why is she trying to stop it? Vanaja gets irritate by her talk. Ganga says to her that Akhila and Parvathy relationship has a crack inbetween. It came in Mahesh engagement matter. If Parvathy performs the engagement well then Akhila will again patch up with Patvathy. Then it’s very hard to create a rift between them again.

It’s a good opportunity to them. They want to use it correctly against Parvathy. They want to create any problems in engagement and make Akhila angry on her. If it happen then Parvathy will be out of this house. Then Aishu will be the first daughter in law of the house. Vanaja thinks that she is dreaming only. She wants to be a next Akhila of this house but Ganga is day dreaming here. She thinks that she will finish her after Parvathy. Ganga questions her what’s she thinking this much? Vanaja lies to her that they are having same wavelength. Uma comments that they are confirm villains. Vanaja slaps her for talking nonsense. Ganga leaves from there. Her auditor calls her.

Ganga questions him why did he called her in this time? He informs to her that he wants to share one important news to her. She guess it as 120cr matter. He informs to her that her 50cr property are sealed. Only 70cr is remaining it will be take next week. If she sign with Akhila then she wouldn’t face this problem now. Ganga narrates to him whatever happened here. He asks her to sign it soon. Ganga thinks that she lost her properties because of Parvathy so she will go any extreme to ruin her happiness. Parvathy is lost in her thoughts. She feels guilty for promising to Akhila without asking to Adhi. She has no idea how will she share it to him.

Adhi notices her and thinks that she is suffering a lot to keep her promise. She promised to her without interest. Adhi thinks that real love will unite at the end whatever happens. They are the good example for it. He don’t wanna hurt her more so he leaves from there silently. Parvathy takes the list and leaves to meet Akhila..vanaja notices her and fears she will meet Akhila. She stops her in middle. Purushothaman and Akhila are discussing one account matters. She notices Parvathy is standing outside. Vanaja Says to Parvathy that she has no sense. She is trying to disturb Akhila even after she forbid her to meet her.
Parvathy says to her that she wants to share one important news to her.

Vanaja lashes out at her and asks her to leave. Parvathy leaves from there. Akhila doubts where is Parvathy doesn’t she came to meet her? She goes out to check her. She questions Vanaja what’s she doing here? She says to her that Parvathy is not ready to listen her words. She tried to meet her but she send her away. Akhila scolds Vanaja for doing it. She asks her to bring Parvathy immediately. Vanaja lies to her that she got permission for her from Akhila she can meet her now. She thank her and leaves to meet Akhila. She gives the list to Akhila.

Episode end