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The episode starts with Purushotaman telling Akhila that they should honor their staff Parthiben, who got injured while saving the company’s documents. Akhila fills a blank check to give to Parthiben. Purushotaman tells Parthiben is out of town. Akhila gives the blank check to Aishwarya asking to keep it safe.

Purushotaman then tells they should also honor Adhi and Parvathi who have saved her. They should thank them. Akhila says she can’t go there to thank him so she asks to tell them to meet in a public place. Everyone gets happy except Vanaja. She asks Aishwarya to prepare the gifts to give to Parvathi. Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman decide to meet Parvathi and Adhi to announce this good news.

Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman come to Adhi’s house. Purushotaman tells they have come to announce a good news. Akhila asked to meet them tomorrow in the temple. Adhi and Parvathi get happy. Parvathi says she was excited to meet Akhila. She’s happy that’s going to happen tomorrow.

Purushotaman says there’s a change in Akhila ever since she performed the rigorous puja by risking her life, so she agreed to meet them. After longtime Akhila came down leaving her stubbornness. He tells this a good opportunity for Parvathi to win Akhila’s heart. He asks her to be patient if Akhila gets angry.

Arun tells Parvathi that as per their family’s tradition they cannot refuse anything the person who helped us ask for. He tells Parvathi to ask Akhila to accept her. Aishwarya agrees with her. Aishwarya says they all want them to come back home. The only person who doesn’t want them to come back is Vanaja. Arun tells they will not let Vanaja come tomorrow to the temple.

Akhila is thinking will Parvathi ask her for anything. Her good spirit appears. She questions Akhila if she’s doing right. Parvathi risked her life for her and this family, but she has put a condition to meet her. Akhila says she has the responsibility to save the status and prestige of Aadhikadavur family. The good spirit laughs. She asks why she can’t give whole hearty what Parvathi will ask for. Akhila tells the world will laugh at her, if she gives what Parvathi will ask for.

The good spirit tells. She’s scared that Parvathi will ask to accept her, but she can’t change the fact that Parvathi is Adhi’s wife. The good spirit asks not to forget her family’s tradition. If Parvathi asks her to accept her, she has to give her her daughter-in-law status. The good spirit disappears.

Adhi and Parvathi come to meet the baby Akhila’s family. They give them a tailor machine to earn money by working at home. The family thanks them. Parvathi gives their number. They ask to contact them when it’s needed. Aishwarya checks if she has kept all the gifts that Akhila to give Parvathi. Arun tells that Mom is going to meet Adhi and Parvathi after longtime and wishes everything should go well. Aishwarya assures him. Vanaja overhears them with the intention of creating problems.

The episode ends.