The episode starts with Adhi asking Akhila what happened, if she wants to talk to him. Akhila says nothing, she has come just to see him. Vanaja says she has seen them in the guesthouse. Adhi asks what she’s talking about. Akhila replies nothing and adds that Vanaja must’ve seen a dream and blabbering about it. Vanaja repeats that she has seen them talking in the guesthouse. Akhila scolds her. She asks Adhi to sleep and leaves from there. Adhi and Akhila laugh. Vanaja asks them if they hadn’t gone to the guesthouse. Adhi and Parvathi denie and mock her saying they were in the room playing hide and seek. Vanaja leaves from there getting confused. Uma goes after her.

Parvathi says to Adhi that they did right by coming back to their room. Adhi says Vanaja must’ve overheard them and tried to instigate Akhila against them, but her plan backfired on her. Vanaja is fuming while Uma keeps laughing. Vanaja slaps her. Uma says she was laughing thinking that the sacred thread, that she had given her, is working so Akhila didn’t slap her. Vanaja asks her to be quiet. She expresses how much she’s annoyed that she couldn’t stop Parvathi and Adhi coming back to home and says she will not let them live peacefully and sleep peacefully. She thinks a plan to spoil their sleep.

Vanaja and Uma go to the electric main board. Vanaja pulls the Adhi room’s fuse. She throws the fuse away so that none can come and fix it back. Then Vanaja and Uma go to Adhi’s room to check whether there’s a power cut. Otherside Adhi and Parvathi wake up from sleep and find there’s a power cut. Parvathi goes out of the room and realizes that there’s a power cut only in their room. She tells Adhi about the same and suggests to go and see what’s the problem in the main board. Adhi asks her to let it be. He says he had learned that one can lead a peaceful life even without the current. They share a smile. Vanaja and Uma overheard them standing at the doorstep. Vanaja is happy that her plan worked.

Vanaja comes back to her room followed by Uma. She finds her room dark and blames Parvathi. She says Parvathi made her room dark in the name of saving the electricity. She orders Uma to turn on all the lights, fan and AC. Uma turns on the switches and realizes there’s a power cut in this room as well and tells Vanaja the same. The two go back to the main board to see whether they pulled the wrong fuse.

Vanaja calls the electrician and learns that Adhi and her room’s connections are coming from the same line, and Arun had instructed the electrician to do like that 2 days before. Vanaja fumes hearing this and cuts the call before the electrician could warn her that she can get an electric shock while touching the main board as there’s a loose connection. Vanaja and Uma search for the fuse that Vanaja has thrown away. They get it. Vanaja gets an electric shock while putting back the fuse. Uma holds Vanaja to save her and she also get an electric shock. Arun, Aishwarya and Vadivel come to hall seeing the lights start blinking all of a sudden. They go out and find Vanaja, uma trembling and wonders what they’re doing here at this time.

The episode ends.