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Akila’s home, everyone assembled for puja. Vanaja is preparing the puja plate. Purushotaman recalls Vanaja’s challenge. He asks Akila to do the puja. Vanaja too pretends to ask her to do the puja and gives the puja plate to her. In heart Vanaja prays to God that Akila shouldn’t do the puja. Akila refuses to do the puja and returns the puja to plate to Vanaja. The latter feels relieved. She does the puja happily. On the other hand Parvathi and Adhi do puja to Vinayegar.

After the puja, Vaneja asks Akila to have lunch. Akila says she doesn’t want. Vanaja forces her to have at least the prasadam. Akila asks Sundaram to have lunch before leaving.

At dining hall, Akila looks the place where Adhi usually sits and remembers him. Vanaja makes her sit and serves the prasadam.

On the other side Parvathi serves Adhi the prasadam. Adhi takes the kozhukkattai and reminisces about his mom feeding him kozhukkattai and they were discussing happily.

Akila too takes the Kozhukkattai and remembers the same moment with Adhi. She cries and leaves the hall. Purushotaman tries to stop her in vain. Vanaja feels happy and continues to have food.

Adhi too feels sad and put the kozhukkattai back. He takes the phone and calls his dad. He asks how his mom is. Purushotaman says she is still suffering not able to express the motherly love she has for him. Adhi feels bad. Adhi asks if mom had food. Purushotaman lies yes. Adhi asks him to tell the truth. Purushotaman says she reminisced about him and doesn’t have the food. Adhi cuts the call and feels bad. Parvathi asks what happened. He says mom didn’t have food and how he can eat.

Purushotaman sees Vanaja having food happily. He angrily goes to her and asks being a mother of two kids how she can give pain to another mother. She is also a part of the family, when the whole family is sad how she can be happy. Vanaja says not to try to put all blame on her.

It’s he and his son is responsible for Akila’s miserable state. They made the servant of this house as the daughter-in-law of this house without Akila’s knowledge and betrayed her. She has more trust on her since her husband and her son betrayed her. She says for the first time Akila gave her the respect and recognition that she was never get since 25 years.

Akila indirectly said hereafter she is the heir of this house. She says he can’t do anything and leaves. Purushotaman looks on helplessly.

Akila goes to Adhi’s room as she misses him while Adhi is in terrace remembering his mom. Akila jugs Adhi’s shirt and cries. She reminisces their moments and feels sad.

The episode ends.