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The episode starts with Arun, Aishwarya and Vadivel realizing that Vanaja is getting an electric shock. They use this opportunity and hit Vanaja and Uma with firewood. Vanaja and Uma fall unconscious. Otherside Adhi is talking about his and Parvathi’s old memories in his room. Parvathi starts blushing. Adhi says he wishes to see her blushing face, but unfortunately there’s no light. Parvathi brings to bring a candle. Adhi gets mesmerized seeing Parvathi’s face in the candle’s light. He keeps staring at her while Parvathi feels shy and lowers her eyes. Adhi insists her to look deep into his eyes so that she doesn’t feel shy. Like that they share a romantic moment.

The next day morning, Pavathi comes to the garden to see the hibiscus plant that she considers as her friend. She says to the plant that she must be angry because she left this house without telling to her. She wanted to meet her first when she has come back, but couldn’t since she brought the kalasam with her. She apologizes to the plant for both the reasons. She stands up to leave f┼Ľom there, but stops hearing a voice. She recognizes that’s Adhi’s voice and looks around searching for him.

The voice says that her friend is speaking. Parvathi understands that Adhi is playing with her and she also starts playing saying she doesn’t have any other friend than her hibiscus. Adhi says that her friend hibiscus is speaking. Adhi comes in front of her and admits that he talked like the hibiscus and fooled her. Parvathi says she didn’t get fooled since she identified his voice since the beginning. Adhi playfully chases Parvathi while She tries to escape from him. He finally catches her and hugs her. Parvathi says that they used to play like that in this garden.

Adhi has belief that those olds days will certainly come back. Parvathi remembers that Aishwarya told that Akhila is going out, so she has to leave. Adhi holds her dragging close to him and says that she used to give same kind of excuses to run away from him. Parvathi requests him to let her. He agrees and releases her from his hold.

All the family members are gathered in the hall and waiting for Akhila. Arun wonders why would mom asked all of them to assembly in the hall. Vadivel pulls his leg asking to ask this question straight away to Akhila. The latter comes down and gets seated. She announces that she decided to gift all their employees a jewel along with new clothes on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. They all appreciate her idea.

Akhila adds that they all are going for shopping to buy the jewels and the clothes. Arun, Purushotoman and Vadivel became tensed hearing this. Arun thinks that it will take many hours to do purchase for all their employees and wonders how to escape from this shopping. Purushotam, Arun and Vadivel give different excuses and leave from there. Arun takes Adhi along with him. Akhila is irritated that none man wants to accompany them for the shopping. Gajendiren brings a file to Akhila. The latter asks if he would like to come with them for shopping. He also gives an excuses and leaves from there.

The episode ends.