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The episode starts with Akhila telling Adhi is her blood and he can never do anything wrong. Akhila then looks at Parvathi. She recalls her first meeting with Parvathi. The latter gets emotional. Vanaja comes to the temple. She watches them from far. Akhila tells she performed puja by risking her life. She and Adhi not only saved her but they also save Adhikadavur family’s respect. Parvathi asks Akhila’s permission to speak. Akhila asks her to speak. Parvathi says she couldn’t believe that she’s talking with her. She’s always the same Parvathi who is loyal to her.

Parvathi will recall Akhila’s condition: Parvathi shouldn’t ask anything to Akhila when they will meet. Parvathi further tells she never wanted to go against her. She will never ask her to accept her. She will come to that house when Akhila will accept her wholeheartedly. She will never go against her wish. Arun and Purushotaman are upset with Parvathi’s decision while Vanaja is happy. Parvathi asks Akhila to bless her. Akhila blesses Parvathi by placing her hand on her head. She gives Parvathi saree and jewels. Akhila looks at Adhi before leaving.

Adhi and Parvathi come back home. Janu and Perumal come there. Parvathi happily shares with them that Akhila blessed her. Perumal asks Parvathi if Akhila hasn’t called her to her house. Purushotaman comes there. He tells even if Akhila had called her, Parvathi would’ve agreed to come. Perumal asks what he’s saying. Purushotaman asks Parvathi why she didn’t ask Akhila to accept her. He asks if she doesn’t want to come back home. He says she has missed a good opportunity. Adhi says he will explain him.

A FB starts, Adhi sees Parvathi is lost in her thoughts. He makes her sit. He questions what happened. What mom told her in phone call. Parvathi tries to change the topic on the pretext of bring food. Adhi insists her to tell what happened.

Paravthi tells that Akhila had put a condition: she shouldn’t ask for anything when they will meet. She tells Akhila might be scared that she will ask to accept her as her daughter-in-law so that she had put that condition. Parvathi tells she wishes that Akhila accept her but she doesn’t want to sacrifice her self respect for the same. Adhi tells Parvathi not to request Akhila to accept her. He says he supports her decision. He asks her to tell her decision to Akhila without any hesitation. He’s with her. Parvathi emotionally holds his hand FB ends.

Adhi asks Purushotaman if Parvathi is wrong. Purushotaman admits he’s wrong. He says he’s proud of Parvathi. He tells she’s like Akhila, who always give more importance for her self respect. He’s happy that she has the qualities of Adhikadavur family. Parvathi and Adhi happily look on.

The episode ends.