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The episode starts with Parvathi asking the old woman where’s the fifth person. One woman phones the missing person. She tells she got stuck in the traffic and will reach there soon. Vadivel and Singaravellan ask Parvathi how she can make beauty cream with the help of these grandmas. Parvathi tells beauty creams can also be made with natural ingredients. Their company products are purely herbal, so they will make beauty creams with the help of the grandmas. Vadivel tells there are only four grandmas, where’s the fifth one. Parvathi tells she’s on the way.

Uma is waiting for Vanaja. She phones her and asks where she’s. Vanaja asks her to look behind her. Vanaja gets down from the auto. She’s disguised as an old woman. Avvai Shanmugi theme song plays in the background. Uma fails to recognize her. Vanaja tells she’s wearing the bluetooth and asks Uma not to cut the call. She also tells to not let the fifth grandma come out.

Vanaja enters Perumal’s house. Vadivel and Singaravellan find the grandma suspicious. They find her younger than her age. Parvathi greets Vanaja. Vadivel and Singaravellan keep questioning Vanaja. She manages to answer their questions.

Parvathi greets the grandmas. She tells them about their previous herbal products and their current Belgium order. She gives them the necessary ingredients and asks them to prepare a cream, using their experiences, which will be suitable for cold countries. All the grandmas start preparing their cream except Vanaja. The latter tells Uma through bluetooth that she’s not able to recognize the ingredients given by Parvathi and adds Vadivel and Singaravellan are keeping an eye on her, so she’s feeling nervous. Uma asks her to pretend to do something.

Vadivel and Singaravellan ask Vanaja why she hasn’t started yet her work. Vanaja tells a filmy dialogue. Vadivel tells this lady looks like Vanaja. Uma and Vanaja get scared. She asks who is Vanaja, why they’re comparing her with her. They show Vanaja’s photo. Vanaja praises her photo. The other grandmas ask Vadivel to show the photo. They tell she’s look like a witch who ruins family and mock the photo. Vanaja fumes. Singaravellan and Vadivel keep troubling Vanaja. The latter asks them to go away so she can do her work freely. Parvathi and Adhi come. Parvathi asks them not to disturb her. Vanaja takes out a bottle and mixes it in her mixture.

The episode ends.