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The episode starts with the jewelry shop employee accusing Parvathi of theft. Parvathi denies it. The supervisor comes there. He asks the employee what happened. The employee tells that she has given them a diamond necklace to try and one diamond is missing from that necklace.

He gets shocked and asks if she has checked well, that one diamond costs 2 lakhs. She nods yes. Then he notices Parvathi and Pattamal and insults them saying they doesn’t look they have come to buy diamonds. Parvathi says they have come here to buy bangles, the staff asked them to try the diamond sets. The supervisor asks them to pay for the missing diamond. Pattamal says they don’t have 2 lakhs.

The supervisor asks what they were doing in diamond section without money and asks if they have come to steal. He calls two other staff to take Parvathi in trial and removes her clothes to check. Parvathi and Pattama get shocked. Pattama says Parvathi is Aadikadavur Akhiladeshwari’s first daughter-in-law. The supervisor refuses to believe them and sarcastically says she looks more like a maid in Akhiladeshwari’s house.

The staff ask Parvathi to come, but she opposes. Pattama says she will bring Akhila ma to which the supervisor asks if she’s trying to escape and says she shouldn’t move from here. The staff forcibly take Parvathi to the trial room while the supervisor receives the owner’s call. He informs the owner about what happened.

The owner tells Akhila that a diamond is missing and the two ladies who are involved in this have took her name. Akhila wonders who they are. The owner requests to go and check. They all come to the time section. Pattama tells Akhila that Parvathi is taken to the trial to get checked. Akhila and Aishwarya get startled while Vanaja smirks. Akhila goes to the trial and shouts to open the door. Parvathi comes out with tearful eyes. She hugs Akhila and breaks down while Akhila pacifies her.

She signs Parvathi not to cry and adjust her saree pallu. She then angrily looks at the owner and the supervisor yelling that if they know who she’s. Akhila is about to say Parvathi is her daughter-in-law, but stops and says she’s her family’s daughter. The owner apologizes to Akhila. He says she doesn’t look like daughter’s of her family, so they have mistaken her. He asks his staff to apologize to Akhila.

The latter asks them to apologize to Parvathi, but Parvathi ssys they don’t need to apologize to her. Akhila proudly says she even forgave her insults, this’s Parvathi. The owner apologizes to Parvathi again and asks her to continue her purchase, but Akhila cancels all her purchases saying she doesn’t want to buy anything here.

Vanaja signs the supervisor to speak. The supervisor says to Akhila nothing is preplanned, they have done a mistake and apologized for the same, but she’s not doing right by canceling their business. Akhila gets furious and slaps. The owner says he won’t be quiet seeing his staff getting slapped. Akhila and the owner get into an argument.

The owner’s daughter suddenly fanits and his brother shouts dad. Parvathi, Akhila and the owner rush to the kids. They find the kid choking. Parvathi and Akhila give her the first aid and saves that child. The owner hug the kid and thanks Parvathi. Akhila says he judged her with her clothing and she saved his daughter, forgetting her insult. She then tells Parvathi that she shouldn’t lose her pride in the name of dressing simply. Akhila with Parvathi and others.

Parvathi comes back to her room. Adhi finds her sad. He asks her what happened in the shop. Parvathi hides the insult she faced in the shop and tells about everything else. Adhi says Pattama informed him about everything. Parvathi cries hugging him. He consoles her. He asks why she didn’t phone him immediately, why she was quiet, she should’ve acted bravely as Adhi’s wife. Parvathi asks if it’s wrong to be herself.

Adhi says that’s not wrong, but sometimes we need fake faces in this world, she should act understanding this. He cups her face and says they’re one and if she gets humiliated it’s like he got humiliated. He advises her that she shouldn’t permit such humiliation to happen to her, she should act bravely as his wife and Akhila’s daughter-in-law, she shouldn’t belittle herself. Parvathi nods ok.

The episode ends.