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The episode begins with Akhila telling to the reporters that Adhi’s decision was right. The reporter arranged by Nandhini asks if she accepts that Vanaja is guilty. Akhila says her son produced enough proof for that and further adds the one who committed mistake, should be punished. Nandhini, who is watching the press conference live, gets shocked. Otherside Parvathi gets happy. Akhila’s family members are also delighted. The reporter asks if her decision won’t affect her business. Akhila says she knows to handle it. She ends the press conference.

Arun, Purushotaman and Aishwarya discuss about Akhila’s decision. Arun says he hasn’t expected his mom will take Adhi’s side. Aishwarya says Akhila has indirectly said she will accept Parvathi in this press meet. Purushotaman says Akhila tries hard to hide her love for Adhi, but it has came out in the press meet.

She expected that Adhi will meet her in the hospital, but it didn’t happen, if it had happened, she would have bring Adhi back to home. Aishwarya agrees. Arun says for the first time his mom has choosen Adhi over family’s respect and he thinks she would accept Parvathi for Adhi. Purushotaman also believes that will happen soon.

Nandhini meets Vanaja and says the press conference hasn’t happened they way they expected. She said Akhila choose Adhi over family’s respect, but Vanaja refused to believe it. Nandhini says Akhila had told that Adhi was right and Vanaja was guilty and should be punished. Vanaja says that means Akhila won’t come to bail her. Nandhini assures she will bail her. Vanaja says that’s not important and they should let Adhi and Akhila reunite. Nandhini assures that she won’t let them easily reunite.

Parvathi feeds sweet to Adhi. She shares her joy with him. She says she was worried what Akhila is going to tell in the press conference, but she felt relieved hearing Akhila saying his son’s decision was right. Adhi pulls her leg for not calling him by his name. Adhi feeds sweet to Parvathi. The latter says for the first time Akhila came down and accepted that he was right and Vanaja was wrong. Adhi says he has faith that soon she will also accept Parvathi.

Perumal fights with his wife and comes to Parvathi’s house and asks a cup of coffee. He sees her making snacks and sweets and questions what is the special occasion. Parvathi says since two days, Adhi hasn’t eaten properly as his mom was in the hospital. He got call that she was discharged and returned home, so she is making sweets for Adhi.

Perumal says Adhi’s mom doesn’t love him that’s why she had sent them out of the house. He bashes Adhi’s mom. Parvathi angrily stops Perumal and argues with him and asks him to leave the house. Parvathi apologizes to Perumal in her heart. She goes out to fill water in the kudam. While returning, she slips in the step and falls. She shouts in pain holding her leg.

The episode ends.