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The episode starts with Arun and Aishwarya arguing over something. Purushotaman comes to them and asks why they’re arguing like this. Aishwarya says they both have bought a saree for Akhila and they’re arguing over whose saree Akhila will wear the next day for her anniversary. Purushotaman laughs and confidenly says that he has also bought a saree for Akhila and she will wear that one. Parvathi brings coffee for them. Adhi also joins them.

Arun tells Parvathi that they all bought a saree for mom and asks her to say whose saree mom will choose. The trio says the cost of the sarees and argues. Adhi reveals to them that Parvathi also made a saree for Akhila with her own hands. Arun says then Parvathi also comes into the competition to which Parvathi replies that she doesn’t want to compete. Akhila comes downstairs. She hears them talking about some competition and questions them about the same. Arun says they all have bought one saree for her and wondering whose saree she will wear on her anniversary day. Akhila asks all of them to place their sarees in the puja room tomorrow morning, she will choose the one she likes. They all agree.

The next day morning Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman are gathered with their sarees in front of puja room. Adhi comes there. They ask him for Parvathi. Adhi learns that Parvathi hasn’t placed her saree in the puja room yet. He comes back to his room and asks Parvathi to come and place her saree in the puja room. Parvathi says she doesn’t want to place her saree since her saree will not suit to the status of Akhila. Adhi reminds her that last night he told her not to belittle herself. Parvathi says she doesn’t want to place her saree among other costly sarees and requests him not to force her. Adhi says fine, but they should go downstairs before mom comes, she may feel bad not finding them. Parvathi agrees.

Purushotaman, Aishwarya and Arun ask Parvathi where’s her saree. Adhi lies that the saree embroidery didn’t come well. The trio say that’s not a matter and insist Parvathi to bring her saree. Akhila comes there. She sees only three sarees in the puja room and asks who hasn’t placed the saree yet. Purushotaman says Parvathi’s saree’s embroidery didn’t come well so she hesitates to place her saree. Akhila thinks that Parvathi must’ve got disturbed due to what happened yesterday in the shop, so she doesn’t want to place her saree. Akhila says fine she will choose anyone from these three and goes to her room taking the sarees.

Arun is seen cleaning the gramophone. Aishwarya asks why he’s cleaning this now without get ready for puja. Vanaja and Uma pass that side. They stop hearing Arun and Aishwarya. Arun plays a prayer song and says this song is sang by his 5th great-grandmother. He’s preparing the gramphone to play this song druing the puja. Arun says he has done and the both leave from there. Vanaja sneaks into the room. She takes the record player and damaged with an hair pin. She says if she hides the record player, Arun will blame her, so she’s damaging it so that none get doubt on her.

The episode ends.