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The episode starts with Parvathi slipping and falling while climbing the stairs with water kudam. She winces in pain as her ankle is sprained. Hearing Parvathi’s scream, Perumal and Janu come to help her. Janu scolds her husband for not repairing the motor and blames him. She applies a plaster on Parvathi’s ankle.

Parvathi’s ankle is paining while walking. She wonders how to hide it from Adhi. The latter returns home and finds her limping. He checks her ankle and questions what happened. Parvathi says she went downstairs to get water from outside since the motor is repaired and she slipped and fell while climbing the stairs with water kudam. He scolds her. He applies ointment on her ankle and massages it. He makes her sit on the couch and asks her not to move.

He checks the water reservoir placed in the kitchen and finds it empty. He goes downstairs to get water and filled it. Then Adhi goes to Parvathi and lifts her up in his arms taking her to the kitchen. He makes her sit on the countertop and shows the water reservoir filled with water. He tells her not to go downstairs to get water and asks to tell him. Parvathi hugs him. He hugs her back while a romantic song plays in the background.

Parvathi comes to meet Janu. Perumal stops her and questions in a dramtic way why she came to his house after throwing him out. Parvathi says she came to Janaki ma’s house. They started arguing. Hearing the noice, Janu comes out of her room. Parvathi complaints to Janaki that Perumal says her not to come to the house. Janaki glares at Perumal, while Parvati makes funny faces to Perumal. The latter says Parvathi threw him out, when he had went to ask for a coffee.

Janaki takes Parvathi’s side and scolds Perumal. She takes Parvathi to her room. The latter tells to not take her wrong, she was just pulling Perumal’s leg. Janaki assures she knows her. Parvathi finds a marriage invitation on the bed and asks about it. Janaki says its their marriage invitation. Parvathi sees the invitation and says it’s been 25 years since they married and their marriage anniversary is nearing. She suggests to celebrate it grantly.

Janaki says they stopped celebrating their marriage anniversary as their son isn’t with them. Inspite of having all luxurious, a mother couldn’t find peace, when her son is away from her. They would have celebrated their 25th anniversary grantly, if their son had been with them. She says they aren’t not fortunate. Parvathi looks at her sadly.

Later Parvathi is shown thinking about Janaki’s words holding Perumal, Janaki’s marriage invitation in hands .

The episode ends.