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Sembaruthi is famous Zee Tamil show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Peoples loves the love story between Adhi and Parvathy. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Akhila refuses to meet Parvathy. Now we will be see that Akhila will help Aishwarya’s mother

In Today’s episode we see; Vanaja provokes Akhila against Parvathy. Akhila asks Vanaja to stop manipulating her. Parvathy runs from there in guilty! Adhi follows her behind. Parvathy is crying in her room in guilty. Adhi tries to console her. Parvathy apologies to him for stopping him from promising to his mother. She feels guilty for make him stand in this state. She apologizes to him for coming inbetween mom and son. Parvathy wishes to confess the truth and promise to Akhila.

Adhi stops her and assures to her that she will understand them. Vanaja waits for a correct situation to hurt Parvathy. Vanaja blames Parvathy creates problems between mom and son. She separated son from a mom. Her curse will be with her. Aishwarya confronts her. She says to her that Parvathy will be the reason behind Adhi’s change over. Parvathy wishes to apologise to Akhila but Vanaja stops her. She takes a smart move and create misunderstanding between Akhila and Parvathy.

In upcoming episodes we will be see Puruahothaman will asks Adhi to join with the discussion. Vanaja will scold him in her mind. Akhila will ask Aishwary’s mom to say whatever she said to her. Aishwarya’s mom will inform to Adhi that she took care of one business. But she faced 120cr loss in it. Vanaja will think that she knew well Aishu’s mom will never come here without matter. Akhila will says to her facing loss is common thing in business. She says to Akhila if she say a word then she will balance her loss.

What will happen next? Will she help Aishu’s mother? What will happen next? Will Vanaja create misunderstanding between mom and son? Will Akhila misunderstand Parvathy is the reason behind it? Who will keep their promise?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tune with our space for more updates.