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Sembaruthi is a famous Zee Tamil show. This show has its a separate fan base for the unique love story. Peoples love the love story between Adhi and Parvathy. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Adhi saved Bhavani from Rathnam. Now it’s will be seen that Akhila promises to Rajeshwari, meanwhile, Parvathy promises to Bhavani.

In the previous episode we saw; Adhi helped Parvathy to walk. Purushothaman advised Adhi to carry Parvathy while she suffering to walk. Adhi took Parvathy to the temple. Parvathy started her pooja. Rajeshwari wished to remove Bhavani from Mahesh Life. Rajeshwari asked Rathnam to kill Bhavani! Goons chased Bhavani. She hid in Godown. She asked Adhi to help her.

In Today’s episode, we see; Goons are teasing Bhavani, She pleads with them to leave her. They slap her, She falls on Adhi’s feet without balance! Adhi mocks them for showing their attitude to a girl. Adhi asks them to touch her crossing him! if they have dared? Goons start fighting with Adhi. He shows black and blue to them. Rathnam punches on Adhi’s nose. He warns him to stay away from their matters! He tries to take Bhavani with him. Adhi starts beating him. Adhi challenges him that Parvathy and Adhi will perform Bhavani and Mahesh’s marriage. Rajeshwari slaps Rathnam for ruining a good opportunity. Rajeshwari fears that Akhila will support Adhi in this matter. Nandini calls Rajeshwari and offers help to her. Nandini pretends like nice to her and convinces her to accept her deal. Nandini gives one idea to Rajeshwari. Meanwhile, Adhi takes Bhavani to the temple. Parvathy asks Bhavani to narrate what happened? Bhavani shares all truth with Parvathy. Rajeshwari visits Akhila.

In the upcoming episode, it’s will be seen that Rajeshwari will ask Akhila to assures her, that nothing will go wrong in her son’s marriage. Rajeshwari will ask Akhila to promise her family name. Akhila will promise to Rajeshwari to swear on her traditional sword. Meanwhile, Parvathy¬† promises Bhavani that she will help her to marry Mahesh. Who will keep their promise in it?

What will happen next? How will Parvathy fulfill Akhila’s wish? What is Vanaja plotting next against Akhila? The upcoming episode will answer our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates.