Episode starts with little Preeti apologising to Preeti for her ill-behaviour. Preeti embraces her stating that no one can separate them, whereas Vishal sees them and determines to break their bond. Preeti gives a new crown to little Preeti, making her contented. Little Preeti ask Preeti to drop her to the school, while Vishal interrupts reminding Preeti about her office. He says that he will drop his daughter, but little Preeti stays adamant on going with Preeti. Vishal makes her understand and finally! She agrees to go with him.

Further, Shikha’s mother taunts Preeti. She ask about Preeti’s salary and indirectly ask for money. Preeti agrees to give her money after getting the payment and goes from there. Shikha’s mother smirks referring Preeti to be a golden hen.

Here, Kushala tries to feed Kirti but she stays upset. KT comes there and tries to feed his daughter but she goes away from there. KT gets up from his chair and plays the music. He starts dancing “Ladki Beautiful plays” Kirti joins him, while Kushala smiles seeing them. KT hugs Kirti and expresses his love for her. She demands for the Princess role, whereas KT assures her to talk to her principal about it. Kirti gets elated, while KT feeds her breakfast.

Priyanka explains about the arrangement to the elderly clients. Their childrens looks uninterested in their marriage, while Preeti ask them to concentrate. They shows their disappointed towards the marriage plan, whereas Preeti tries to make them understand about the feeling of love. She defends the elderly couple in front of their children. KT says that Preeti forgot her memory but her morals are still with her. He supports Preeti, while the childrens goes out from their. Preeti cheers up the elderly couple and ask them to celebrate their love.

Later, KT appreciates Preeti for her courage and thinking. She ask him about the person he loves. He shares about his and Preeti’s story and says that she have gone far from him. He ask her that what she will do if she experiences love at this age? She stares at him.

At that time, Preeti sees little Preeti and worries about her. She ask her about being upset, to which little Preeti blames Preeti for opting out her name from the play and giving Kirti her place. She misbehaves with Preeti while Preeti tries to deny it. KT gets angry seeing little Preeti’s behaviour and scolds her. He ask her to apologise to Preeti, while she cries. Preeti shouts at KT and prohibit him from coming in between her and Vishal’s daughter. Meanwhile, Vishal witnesses the scenario.

KT shares his agony with Kushala. He cries telling her about the incident and says that his efforts gets ruined. Kushala tries to comfort him and ask him not to pressurise himself. She reminds him about Preeti and Vishal’s daughter’s bond, while KT says that he couldn’t able to control himself after seeing Preeti’s tears. Kushala ask him to give time to Preeti.

Elsewhere, little Preeti locks herself inside the room. Preeti requests her to open the door. Vishal also tries to talk to his daughter, but she stays adamant. Vishal blames Preeti for snatching his daughter’s role due to KT’s pressure, but Preeti denies about it. Shikha’s mother ask Preeti to accept her mistake, whereas Preeti tries to make them understand that she haven’t done it. She says that her priority is little Preeti, while Shikha’s mother taunts her and says that she can never become little Preeti’s mother. Preeti cries hearing it.

Precap:- KT will narrate his and Preeti’s story to the viewers. He will tell about being disguise, in order to get Preeti’s friendship. He will ask if Preeti will love Keertan? Or will go away from him after learning about the truth