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Episode starts with KT asking kusum to give partnership cancellation papers to Preeti, kusum gets shocked and ask for the reason to which KT says preeti have betrayed him and he can’t forgive her, but it all turned out to be KT’s imagination when choti opens the door and asks him to come in, he questions about kusum to which Choti says she went to market, KT gets inside and says he will wait for kusum.

Sheena tells Preeti that Mrs. Goplani received all the hampers and is extremely happy, she also tells that Mrs. Goplani have arranged photosession with her friends at 4 PM, after which sheena asks for half day leave as she have to take her mother to the hospital. Preeti calls KT to check on him but he didn’t answered her call, she then calls to courier company to check if everything is on time or not?

There she gets to know that there isn’t any booking via shaadi mubarak, which shocks Preeti and she asks for emergency booking to which the courier company guy asked her to come to the company to book her order, she rushes to leave when she noticed the lace leaving it’s colour which was used in hampers, she gets panicked as it can spoil whole hamper and murmers to herself that she needs to solve this problem, she calls KT for help but he disconnected her call, she then calls kusum and asked her to go to the courier company.

Priyanka calls Tarun to inform him that Juhi got to know about their truth but he was busy watching television and gets irritated seeing her call, he received it and says to message him as he is busy and can’t talk to her.

Kusum comes inside her house and gets happy seeing KT, she greets him and told about Preeti sending her to the courier company, she also informed him about the lace issue, while on the other side Preeti is seen removing all the laces from hampers. KT takes out papers and keep it on table while Kusum asks him about the matter which is worrying him! She further explains him that he should not keep things inside his heart as it will only create misunderstandings, KT rushed out from there and kusum sees the papers. She asks choti to read it and choti tells her that KT wants to end the partnership with preeti, which makes kusum freezed.

Preeti was working on laces of hampers when mrs. Goplani comes there with her friends and gets shocked seeing Preeti. Juhi confronts Priyanka and tries to warn her about Tarun but Priyanka supports him and make Juhi hear Tarun’s voice messages in which he said how he is forced by Rati to do bad deeds, she further tells Juhi that Tarun even wants to marry her and asks for juhi’s help. Mrs. Goplani’s friends taunted her for choosing Preeti, they mocked Preeti for her colour and goes, Mrs. Goplani shouts at Preeti while Preeti tries to explain about the lace issue to which Mrs. Goplani screamed at her and asks her to get out.

Preeti was walking on the road and remembers all the incidences related to her colour complexion, at that time kusum finds her and shows her the partnership cancellation papers, which shocks Preeti, they goes to KT and asks for the reason to which KT says Mrs. Goplani told him about everything happened at her house and scolds Preeti for breaking the condition which Mrs.

Goplani had asked for, he further says some people are not comfortable with her colour and nothing is offensive about it as they are in a bussiess field, he continues saying that their job is to sell beauty and says it’s his mistake that he had choosen Preeti to be his partner and further declares that he will correct his mistake by breaking the partnership with her, which shocks Preeti and kusum.

Precap:- Mrs.Goplani comes to shaadi mubarak and shouts at KT, Preeti and sheena looks on. she further says it’s her mistake to give such a big contract to them and declares that she is cancelling their contract and will give it to Chanda’s company.