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Episode starts with Preeti enjoying the party and starts dancing while everyone looks surprised and as she finishes all hooted and clapped for her making her smile, kusum praises her while Preeti says she always loved to dance and further looked at KT saying that now she can arrange youth party, at that time Aaryan called KT and asked him to fix the deal with item girl Tia to which KT agrees, he further tells Preeti about it and ask her to hurry as they have meeting within one hour, youngsters gets excited knowing about Tia and told that she is way too famous and charges a lot, then kajal shows Tia’s picture to Preeti while she feels uncomfortable and turned her face seeing Tia’s picture, kusum sensed it and takes Preeti away.

Kusum asked preeti about the issue, to which Preeti says that she have never met any item girl before, kusum smiles and makes Preeti understand that it’s her work and she will meet different-different people in her profession while Preeti looks at the knots which Tarun tied as challenge and thinks she have to get this project, she thanked kusum and goes to her office.

Tia comes to shaadi mubarak and Kt greets her by hugging, Tia moves to hug Preeti too but she just greeted her doing Namaskar while Tia does the same in return, KT praises Tia and ask her to dance in Aaryan’s cocktail party to which Tia corrects him saying that she don’t dance instead she performs and there is difference in it, KT nods and ask her to perform in party.

Tia says she can and clearifies that her payment depends upon her dress, the less it is the more money she charges, hearing the conversation Preeti felt uneasy and drinks water, Tia asks her if she is okay to which Preeti nods with a nervous smile.

Tia asks Preeti if she knows her? to which Preeti says that today only she got to know about her, Tia gives a heavy nod and takes out cigarette and offers it to Preeti and KT but KT refused saying they don’t smoke while Tia was about to lit her cigarette when Preeti asked her to smoke outside as god’s idol is here, Tia moved out giving a look while Preeti and Kt gets worried about Tia being offended, at that time Aaryan calls KT and asked if Tia got finalised? KT said yes almost consider it done and they hanged up.

Preeti comes outside and founds Tia while Tia asks preeti to not to worry as she is very professional and don’t mind what other thinks about her, she further told her about her life that she also used to be a middle class traditional girl but to earn money she have sacrificed a lot, Tia adviced Preeti to leave her traditional values as she have fire inside her to do something big and asks her to buck up as the time is less, Tia goes and at that time KT comes there asking if Preeti is fine and tells her about deal with Tia getting finalised.

Kusum goes to Rati’s house while Rati gets scared seeing her, Kusum feeds sweet to Rati and told her about Priyanka’s marriage, she also informed her about the party they had last night while Rati cross questions kusum, further kusum taunts Rati and thanked her that due to her and Tarun’s ill treatment preeti had moved on and found someone like KT, kusum moves out saying she is waiting for Preeti to win the challenge so that she can celebrate it in front of Rati’s house.

Rati throws the sweet Box being angry, at that time Tarun enters the house and ask about the matter to which Rati forced feed him sweet and told him about Priyanka’s marriage and Preeti’s project, she blamed everything on him while he says he won’t ever let Preeti win.

KT and Preeti were busy preparing for cocktail party while Preeti prepares juices which can help youngsters to get through hangover, while KT praises her.
Aaryan compliments Preeti for the arrangements, he further tells her that her saree isn’t matching the dresscode of his party while Preeti looks on.

Precap:- Aryan asks KT about Preeti to which he says that she must be busy somewhere and will join them soon to which Aaryan replies back that he don’t think she will come to the party, while Preeti gazes the mannequin wearing a short black dress.