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Episode starts with Aaryan asking Preeti to change her saree as it’s not matching his party vibes while Preeti looks tensed. Kusum and family were sitting and selecting ring for Priyanka, kusum selects one ring and shows it to Priyanka while Priyanka shows it to Juhi and asks for her opinion, kusum’s smile gets vanished as she felt ignored and goes from there to sit on dining table, sumedh sees all this and follows kusum, he asks why her eyes are moisty to which she poured her heart out saying Priyanka has so much of hatred towards her and cried saying that it was painful for her to send Priyanka away, she further tells him that she just want to see Priyanka happy to which sumedh comforts kusum and says Priyanka will understand her while kusum smiles and Pat’s his head.

Preeti looks at a mannequin wearing a short dress and remember Aaryan and Tia’s words, she thinks about Tarun’s challenge and says she have to get this deal anyhow.

Rati gets ready to go to her office party while Tarun says he is disturbed since he heard about Priyanka’s marriage and says he is worried about Priyanka revealing about his plan to Preeti, to which Rati taunts him and says she will handle Priyanka and will ruin her image on her engagement, she further asks him to pray that preeti doesn’t won the challenge.

At the party KT informs Aaryan about all the events while Aaryan asks about Preeti to which KT says she must be busy and will come soon to which Aaryan replies that he doesn’t think she will join the party and explains about what he said to her and concluded that now he thinks that Preeti doesn’t even want to plan his wedding, at that time they hear preeti’s voice from stage and turn towards her, spotlight falls on her and Kt gets mesmerized seeing her in beautiful saree (subhanAllah plays), Preeti smiles and comes down while all the youngsters including Aaryan’s fiance compliments her saying they never knew that someone can look so gorgeous in saree also meanwhile Preeti told them about what a saree can do and says that it can make anyone look elegant and can suit any event, hearing her KT claps and rest all joined him. Aryan says that he is taking his words back and compliments her, he further says that today he have learnt a lot from her and thanked her.

Chanda and Rati arrives at the party and looks confused if it’s their party or not? Chanda tells Rati to ask from the hostess, while Rati praises Preeti who’s back is towards them for her grace and style but later gets shocked seeing Preeti, Rati asks her what she is doing here? And Chanda questions if she had arranged the cocktail party to which Preeti said yes, further Preeti says that their names are not on guest list to which Rati says by mistake they have come here while Chanda scolds her.

Rati taunts Preeti for being in party late night at that time Aaryan’s fiance with some girls come there and asks Preeti to teach them how to wear saree like her, Rati interrupts them telling about Preeti being her mother in law to which Aaryan’s fiance says that preeti looks like Rati’s sister and not mother in law which irked Rati, they takes selfie with Preeti and pushed Rati away. Chanda again scolds Rati and makes evil plan to destroy the party.

Kusum along with her daughters and Juhi were packing gifts when door bell rings, Priyanka goes to open it and found Tarun standing there.

KT explain bartender to keep cocktail and mocktail seperately, Preeti comes there and they both start discussing about the party, Rati and Chanda wear masks and keeps an eye on Preeti and plots something evil. Meanwhile KT keeps praising about himself, he says about how good he is at dance and starts showing his moves in front of Preeti, suddenly his pant gets teared making him freeze.

Precap:- Chanda mix alcohol in drink and ask bartender to give it to Preeti which will cause her humiliation while Rati smirks. Waiter handovers the drink to KT while he gives it to Preeti and she is about to sip it.