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Episode starts with Preeti laughing at KT while he felt embarrassed as his pant gets teared, he worries while Preeti offers help to him, she ask him to come with her as she have needle and thread so she can sew his pant meanwhile he says he cannot move with her due to his pant to which she asks him to come forward and then covered his back with her saree pallu.


KT gets impressed and praises her for the idea, they moves together, KT says that it’s the first time he is seeing that saree can save a man’s dignity too, to which Preeti says how can he joke at this time? To which he replies that it’s his habit. Chanda bribes bartender and gives him loats of money while Rati accompanied her. 


Priyanka gets shocked seeing Tarun at the door, he offers a smile while she banged the door on his face and comes inside. Kusum asks who was there? To which priynaka lied about someone asking for Mittal aunty’s address, she further signals Juhi to come aside and told her about Tarun, she gets worried that what if he reveals the truth to Kusum, at that time kusum comes there and asks them that what they are talking about? 


Once again door bell rings and kusum opens it to find Tarun there, he greets her but she shows a cold shoulder and ask him about his visit, he replies that he came to return money which he borrowed from Preeti for Autorickshaw’s ride, kusum takes the money and Juhi ask him to leave while he congratulates priyanka for her engagement, kusum shouts at him to leave and finally he goes. 


KT removes his pant and gives it to Preeti who was facing opposite to him while she started sewing it, she asks why he wears such tight pants to which he replies that it’s fashion, she continues sewing while KT smiles (ik tara plays). She handovers his pant to him and he wears it, he ask her to turn and she obliged while he again praises her.


Chanda pours alcohol in a glass and ask the bartender to give it to Preeti while she says to Rati that Preeti will get humiliated and they will record it and will post in social media, Rati smirks and thinks that if this party will get ruined that Preeti will loose the challenge too. 


Aaryan introduces Preeti and KT to his father and praises them, while Preeti and KT gets happy, at that time bartender gives drinks to them, KT takes it and forwards mocktail to Preeti and cocktail to himself. Rati says KT can protect Preeti when she will get drunk to which Chanda says he won’t be there to protect her as she had already planned something for him. 


KT and Preeti cheers as they were about to drink when sheena comes and informed them about Aaryan’s car getting punctured to which Preeti ask kt to go and look for it, he gets suspicious seeing all the tyres punctured and finds a needle on the side of car, he ask shyam to get a mechanic. Preeti was about to sip her drink when sheena informed her about Tia being ready for the performance and Preeti left with her while Chanda follows her. 


Tia performed on Hayy Garmi song while Chanda keeps en eye on Preeti and gets impatient as when she will drink? Meanwhile KT himself starts changing the tyre of Aaryan’s car. Rati gets her mother’s call and moves out to talk, KT was about to move inside when he heard Rati’s convo and gets shocked to know what she and Chanda had planned, she turned and freezed seeing KT standing there, while Preeti was about to sip the drink.


Precap:- Preeti drinks the alcohol and holds her head while KT run towards her screaming her name. Aaryan shouts at Preeti and KT saying that he don’t want to risk his marriage with them and announces that he won’t give his marriage contract to them which made Preeti worried and Chanda smirks with Rati.