Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT realizes his mistake and apologizes to Preeti
Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT realizes his mistake and apologizes to Preeti

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Episode starts with Purti asking Preeti that why is she being so impatient for a child? To which Preeti says that she does not have enough time left with her. She was about to continue when KT’s phone rings who was hiding in order to hear Preeti and Purti’s conversation.

Preeti goes towards his direction and gets shocked seeing him. She ask was he trying to hear her conversation? To which KT stays silent. Purti scolds him and says that his plan was working smoothly but then he only distracted her. Preeti gets suspicious and questions about the plan.

KT ask Purti to go in order to get her file from the doctor and she leaves. He faces Preeti stating that she is trying to hide something from him and that is what he wants to know. Preeti gets teary eyes thinking that she wants to share about her illness with KT but she can’t as it will shatter him. She says that she is worried about surrogacy matter as she have lied from the family and scolds him for increasing more stress to her by taking her test.

On the other side peon gives the file to Neelima while she walks away hurridly. She collided with Purti and her file gets exchanged with Purti’s.

Later on doctor informs that first round process of Purti’s surrogacy is completed while Preeti gets happy. She ask about how to take care of Purti, To which doctor restricts her from lifting any heavy stuff. Purti gets bored and looks here and there while KT signals her to concentrate.

Preeti takes care of Purti and feeds her fruits and healthy things. Purti gets irked with her behaviour but silently does as Preeti says.

Neelima reaches home and panicks as she doesn’t find her file. Shivraj gets worried and scolds Neelima for her carelessness. He ask her to find the file before anyone gets to know about their hidden secret as it can cause problems to them.

KT and Preeti gets inside their house and ask Shivraj that what they are talking about? Neelima lies to him saying that they are searching for best doctors for Preeti. Preeti thinks that soon Purti’s insemination reports and her cancer reports will come.

KT prays to god for Preeti’s happiness. He also prays for the child and Purti. Preeti comes there and smiles at him stating that his prayers will surely be answered. He says that he is having a new feeling regarding the child. He shows his excitement for the child while Preeti looks on. He gets a call and excuses himself while Preeti brings out the reports and gets emotional thinking that the child will be the gift for KT from her side.

Neelima and Shivraj checks the CCTV footage of hospital. They sees a girl colliding with Neelima and tries to find about her. Neelima ask what of that girl tries to blackmail them? They worries for their truth and looks at eachother.

Preeti video calls Purti and reminds her to eat fruits. Purti gets frustrated and ask Preeti to cut the call. KT chuckles hearing her as he gets inside their cabin. Preeti feels dizzy while KT gets worried about her health. He feeds her with his hand and states that from now on he will take care of her. He confess that he can’t live without Preeti while she thinks that she will give him all the happiness and love to him till she is alive. She demands him to bring juice for her while he smiles and goes to fulfill her demand.

Neel brings Priyanka to their lawn and again apologizes to her. He ask her to beat him and says that the life is really small and so he doesn’t want to spend it like this. He gives her rose while she throws it stating that ignoring him is the best punishment for his mistake. She goes from there while Neel says that he have to do something.

Preeti starts her cancer treatment while doctor praises for her beavery. Preeti ask if she will get fine? To which doctor states that they are giving best treatment to her and says that if her body takes it well then everything will get fine. Doctor ask her to take care of herself while Preeti looks on.

Precap:- Purti gets doubtful on Preeti and KT. She comes to Tibrewal house with her luggage while KT and Preeti gets shocked seeing her.