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Episode starts with Neelima stopping Preeti from sitting next to KT and she herself sits on that chair, preeti was about to sit on the next chair when sneha stops her saying it’s Neel’s chair and shouts at Neel to take his place, he tries to deny but she glares him, Preeti keeps standing feeling awkward when shivraj ask her to sit on his chair, she says that she can’t sit on his place while he gets up and force her to take his chair and he himself sits on the other chair while Neelima looks at him.

. Shivraj ask preeti to eat dinner while Neel suggest her to take soup saying it’s really tasty, to which Preeti replies that she will directly eat the main course, KT says that this is only main course as they only eat soups and salads in dinner, sneha and Neelima supress their laugh.
Shivraj says if preeti wants to eat something else then she can ask cook to make it while Neelima says that she have asked cook to leave and continues that preeti should eat what’s everyone is eating as she don’t want any changes in the house.

Later Preeti makes her bed on the floor to sleep when KT comes there and gives her juice and sandwiches, she looks confused while he says that he doesn’t know how to cook so can only bring this for her, he ask her to eat and goes out.

After a while he comes in and sleeps on his bed, he decrease the temperature of AC making the atmosphere chill while Preeti grabs the AC remote silently and increases the temperature as she felt really cold, KT keeps watching the TV when he felt hot and again decreases the temperature. At that time servant calls him informing about a couch for Preeti! He ask reeti if she ordered a couch to which she nods in No, KT gets Nandini’s videocall who says that she have sended a couch for Preeti as a gift, she further smirks saying that they have married due to revenge so won’t Sleep together, KT keeps looking on.

Preeti hears her and moves towards KT’s side, she signals him and intentionally sits on bed sticking to him and greets Nandini, she advice her not to call someone else’s husband late at night and ask to given them some privacy as they are newly married, KT plays in her act and wraps his hand around preeti’s shoulder saying that they are really happy innthis marriage while Nandini throws her phone fuming in anger.

Preeti moves up and goes to sleep on the floor but KT comes to her saying that she can sleep on one side of bed but Preeti ignored him saying she won’t share bed with him, he holds her hand saying that she is his wife and he loves her while she begs him to stop saying that as he doesn’t love him, he leaves her hand stating that they can sleep together on bed in correct manner and ask her to have trust on him,he moves to his side while Preeti keeps the pillow on her bed.

She thinks to show himself and Nandini that he have moves on, KT have blinded himself from seeing the truth. She gets into the bed and puts a pillow wall in between them, KT smiles and teases her saying he can easily break the wall and come to her side, he pushed the pillows with his legs whole Preeti again makes it to whcih he says her to stop doing childish things. Later on he sleeps and Preeti keeps looking at him, she was about to close her eyes when KT starts rotating on bed in deep sleep and as a result he kicks Preeti put of the bed. She moves to a corner and sleeps there.

Early morning Preeti greets shivraj and ask him permission to put god’s idol in the mandir, he permits her while she puts the god on mandir and prays to help her heal KT and strengthen their relationship. Later shivraj smiles and ask her to address him as Papa. Preeti goes to her room and sees KT sleeping even at 9 AM,

she moves towards cupboard and was about to open it to place her outfits when KT wakes up and stops her, he gets angry asking her not to open this cupboard and says that he will get a new one for her, while she also shouts at him saying she don’t want a new one and can manage with suitcase only, she was about to move when cupboard gets open and Preeti gets shocked seeing all the gifts and memories of KT and Nandini.
On the other side Nandini smirks saying no one can take her place in kt’s heart and in 7 days she will get inside Tibrewal’s house.

Precap:- Nandini packs all the stuff related to Nandini and ask Pandit that she wants to donate these so that she can start a new life with KT, while KT stops her but she stays adamant and gives it to servant, KT glares her and goes to his room.