Popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak continues to serve audience with high voltage drama. Viewers have witnessed preeti’s strong side when she stopped the media people from getting inside the venue to save KT’s image, Kusum appreciate her for doing so while Preeti only worries for KT.

 Later Nandini keeps waiting for media but they didn’t came so she continues her melo drama while Neelima and Arjun supported her, but KT didn’t fall in her trap and declared that she haven’t changed in these 17 years as now also she just manipulates people by her fake acting.

 At that time Rati drags Tarun along with her to the venue to witness all the chaos. Arjun keeps crying while KT ask him to stop and declares that Nandini must have brainwashed him, he further denies to be Arjun’s father and warns him about Nandini.

On the other side Nandini reminds KT about their past love and says that he still loves her as he haven’t moved on in these 17 years, KT looks at her and then takes a pinch of vermilion making Nandini happy but he passes by her and filled Preeti’s hairline shocking everyone. KT confessed about his love for Preeti making her stunned while Shivraj and sneha smiles hearing his confession.

Tarun screams and pushed KT denying the marriage and says that without a pandit marriage can’t happen as it’s not a film, he further drags Preeti asking to wash off her vermilion. Nandini faces KT and says that he can’t love Preeti as she is only his bussiess partner! To which KT says preeti is much more then that and he truelly loves her.

On the other side Kusum stopped Tarun and tries to make Preeti understand about KT’s love, she says that they are made for each and they only can heal their pain. She ask Preeti to accept KT and marry him while Tarun stopped her saying he can’t let this happen as it’s not their culture, to which kusum ask him not to come in between preeti’s happiness. Rati comes forward and taunts preeti’s character, she provokes Tarun against his mother while he declares that he will not let Preeti marry again.


Now in the upcoming episode viewers will see KT’s outburst when Pandit ask about the marriage! KT will keep throwing things and destroying the decorations saying that marriage won’t happen and he will remain alone forever, but at that time Preeti holds his hand tightly stopping him while they both falls in an eyelock and everyone will keep looking at them.


It will be interesting to see what happens next in show!

Will Preeti agree for the marriage? And will Tarun allow her? How Nandini is going to take all this? Is it the starting of Preeti and KT’s love story?


Keep watching the show and be connected with us to know all the answers.


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